Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

Big party! People keep showing up :-D

I realized I forgot to buy wrapping paper so I’m checking to see if there’s a store, lolllll

edit: thanks for inviting us, @wilykat! I hope you and yours are doing well over there IRL <3

I managed to drop my present before the airport started spitting everyone else on Qt3 out of it.

She got quite the haul, looking forward to my AC birthday.

You get older and the presents get, um. . . folder? That’s hard to rhyme, darn.

I sent her a card after dropping off a few presents, hope she’s had a great birthday!

Heading over now to drop off some gifts!

Thank you all so much! She really appreciated it. (I had to explain these were my friends and not just other game villagers coming to visit.)

I put my hat in the ring but didn’t manage to get on (work…).

I haven’t actually managed to get on to anyone’s island yet! Last one I tried, there was some kind of network error.

Desperately need some fruit variety, my villagers are going insane eating nothing but orange and coconut! :)

My island (Floun) is open for the next hour or so.

Peaches and Cherries available. Hot item is the mossy garden rock (15 stone / 15 weeds ) which sells for 5100 bells

Thanks for the fruit! My island is open as well (Chilli P) and I’ve got pears and some apples. Also Mabel is visiting today, and my hot item is Wooden Block toy. Come on over folks =) I’ll leave it open while I’m working, so if I don’t respond that’s why =)

Yes mine is just open on my desk while I work too.

Is it just me or can you not view other people’s passports? Don’t see a option in the nookphone or in the real phone app.

I don’t see that either…

Also, is there some visitor etiquette I need to be aware of? What are the customs people are using when visiting islands? Dropping fruit? Signing the board, native greetings? rituals and habits? =)

I left a few oranges by your mailbox. Then I bought everything at your store :) None of the limited stuff, though.

But also yes to all of those things. I usually leave fruit if I don’t already see a bunch of it growing and a simple board greeting.

Iirc you get a limited peek at their passport as they land, in terms of their name, island, and title, but that’s it? Hmm, interesting!

And I don’t think there’s a definitive etiquette, but I’m very for putting out the vibes you want to see in the universe!

Got a tarantula island last night. Used it to pay off my house. Now to add a room that costs twice what the house it’s attached to cost! Nook is a straight up pusher!

Also started my bridge. Can you make more later? I need at least one more and lost the recipie when I started the first one.

I can’t imagine an island of them, they always stun me. What’s the trick, move slowly up to them?

They showed the player buying bridges outright in a pretty developed looking town in the Direct last month, so I’m guessing one of the building upgrades down the line unlocks this ability. Those bridges had a cost in Bells, obnoxiously, so probably can’t craft 'em for effectively free after the first, hah.

There’s a timing where, right after a tarantula starts running at you, you can swipe it with a net. A friend of mine who spawned a tarantula island got pretty good at nailing it after fainting about 10 times, hah. I stick to slooooowly approaching (stop when they rear up on their hind legs and hiss) until I’m at exactly Net distance, then BWOOP

I played a bit more of this last night and I think I’m fine with saying this just isn’t for me. I wish I’d picked up the physical copy so I could sell/give it away, but lessons learned. Back to Stardew Valley.

Sorry to hear that, @anonymgeist :(

I am glad that you’ve got other chill gaming options to fail back to, though. Enjoy farming that star’s dew!

This game is everything for me right now.

Spent most of the hours before bed last night laying in a hammock on the beach listening to waves and watching for shooting stars.

QT3ers please come and hang out. I got peaches for you.

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