Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

Yeah, I know the feeling. I have ideas of how they could switch things up–maybe you only get two or three species out on a given day?–but I’m sure people are used to the game how it is and wouldn’t want that to change. I just try to parcel out my fishing and bug catching so I don’t overdo it.

One thing that bugged me from older games was how the weather would change on the hour. So at 11:59 it’s raining, and then at 12:00 it suddenly stops. They still change the weather on the hour in New Horizons, but at least the rain starts slowing down before it stops on the hour. It feels much more natural that way.

I’m always on the lookout for Celeste, as I really want space recipes.

Oh, also, if your turnip prices (once that economy kicks in) are north of about 300, it’s worth a mention, and once Thursday rolls around north of 200 is worth a mention. :)

Last time Redd was on my island, he had all counterfeits. I bought one for my bedroom wall, but I still only have 3 items in the art wing of my museum…

So heads up for everyone, after logging this afternoon’s turnip prices, I am now at 95% chance for a large spike tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon. The range is between 180 and 540.

Since it will be in the afternoon, that means a good ten hours to try and open up for people if anyone needs to sell. I will post the price I ultimately get as soon as I get it (I’m EST).

My high is 122 so fingers crossed! I will water for you!

Awesome news, Hansey! Fingers crossed – I have a load of turnips that’s just designed to pad the ridiculous bank account, but my girlfriend is depending on selling her latest batch to finally get out from under Tom Nook.

Okay everyone, Isla Calma is open for business! Turnip price is 281, which is not as high as I’d hoped, but hey, it’s three times what I paid so I’m content. DODO is NC264.

A few things:

  1. Tipping is not necessary nor expected. If you feel like it, I wouldn’t mind some watering on the field of red roses on the upper cliffs in the NW… those are the only things I really need watered at this point. But if you’re just looking to jump in and out, that’s totally cool. Seriously, no big deal if you don’t feel like doing it. :)

  2. Saharah is also here today. Last I saw her she was wandering around the south beach in my southern neighborhood. (EDIT: She’s crossed the bridge and is now wandering around the beach near the swimming pool area, just west of the airport.) Only thing she had of note for me was the Misty Garden wallpaper, but I can’t recall whether I got that for bells or tickets, so I don’t know if it is guaranteed or random, I’m afraid.

  3. I left some dupe DIYs on the path between the plaza and Nook’s. Help yourself to any you need.

Feel free to explore if you want. I’ll be around, maybe afk from time to time.

EDIT 2: Also, Sterling is currently crafting a Trophy Case. It’s one of the dupe DIYs I left out, but if you don’t have this DIY, I highly recommend picking it up… it looks amazing. (And you can put things on top of it, like other trophys or whatever.) He’s been crafting all morning, so I’m not sure how much longer he’ll be doing it. Sterling lives in the north neighborhood.

I might do the turnip game anew on Sunday, but I sadly do not have any this week.

Linn is on her way. Do you need a white surfboard?

Ooh, yeah, I don’t have the white one yet! Much appreciated. :D

Your island is lovely, I love all your flower combinations. I will be stealing some of your ideas! Surfboard is in front of your house. Thank you for allowing me to visit.

Edited to add, my dress shop is selling a royal crown (1,2000,000). If of you rich folk are wanting one let me know and I’ll post a code. Saharah is here too.

Thank you! Copy whatever you like, I’ve certainly taken ideas / been inspired by all sorts of islands. Thanks for the surfboard!

Update - Sterling is no longer crafting,but Ankha is. She’s making a butter churn if that’s something you’re interested in. She lives in the south neighborhood.

Thanks for opening up, Hansey! Nice blue and purple flower gardens!

I watered the red roses and left another couple of tokens of appreciation :-)

Hansey’s island is amazing and I kind of just want to go visit just to visit. I’ll refrain today :)

Oh hey @ArmandoPenblade if you want to update the List, my new island is Lian Yu, everything else is the same.

Yes, I named my little guy Oliver, too.

Ahahaha, you don’t know how happy that makes me. Now how to craft a Deathstroke mask on a stick using the art editor. . .

[edit] Big thanks to @Hansey for opening today. GF swung by to sell and water roses. She is delighted by and jealous of your lovely space <3

I feel like an idiot for not thinking of Oliver and Lian Yu in March :)

Many thanks! I do love how the blue and purple flowers look.

It’s my pleasure! Thank you everyone for the compliments. It makes me happy that you all like my island. I’ve tried to make it a very chill, relaxing and pleasant place. (I mean, I didn’t call it Isla CALM-a for nothing.) I’m glad that people enjoy it. :)

I’ll be over in a few minutes, and if it’s cool, my girlfriend Cassie’s going to come by as well. (Plus I want her to see your island! :)

No problem! Island is still open!

Thanks, Hansey! A tidy profit and a turnip-stress-free weekend. :) Island looks fantastic! So “neat,” in both senses of the word.