Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

Based on 2 PMs and 1 AM of data, it looks like I’m going to be losing bells.

On the other hand, as of mid-day yesterday I’m on 14 days of isolation, so I’ll be able to get all those datas for a few cycles.

And since KK just visited and unlocked me construction tool, I can finally lay paths and actually have a clue where I really want things to be.

Ugh yeah, I’m on fluctuating for the third(?) time in like 5 weeks (other two were small spikes). The RNG gods hate me these days :(

So afternoon inputting this afternoon’s prices, I am now at 100% for a large spike tomorrow morning. The range is 198 to 594.

AM is always kinda worse, because there isn’t much time to sell, but I will try to open up for you all as soon as I can in the morning. I am EST, and it probably won’t be much before 9:00 (my time) or so. I will keep you all informed!

I better set an alarm or something :)

My last large spike was like two weeks ago, so I’m actually quite shocked I’m getting another one. Here’s hoping tomorrow’s is a better price, since the last one was like 280 or something. I mean, I’ll happily take 280, but it would be nice to see 400+. ;)

Ooh! Fingers crossed!

If it is your first week buying turnips then you just need to tell the tracker that as they use different logic for week one.

I found two different trackers - the “Prophet” seems to factor in previous weeks, but “Calculator” doesn’t. At least not visibly. And, of course, I’m basically feeding them pretty crap data at this point.

They disagree a bit on my chances for each of the different patterns but agree that I’m boned. Someone else’s island is probably my best bet.

The first week of turnips is always a small spike. Which doesn’t make you much money in any case.

(Also the Prophet is far superior imho)

ooo, I did not know that. I didn’t partake last week when she showed for the first time. I can improve my propheting now. Thank you!

After letting the Prophet know that… ok, still boned.

You get boned by turnip prices most of the time :)

Thought my price was in its way up…but crashed instead. Sorry all you turnipers.

First week you actually buy not first week she shows up AFAIK.

Okay everyone, my price this morning is 435! Currently open with Dodo code 5Q2VG. It’s 9:00 AM here, so prices are only good for the next three hours. I will try to stay open as long as I can (and re-open if there’s a communication error.)

Also, Saharah is here if you want to visit her. I just saw her in the NE part of my island, wandering around my fruit orchard.

Tipping not required nor expected. Drop by whenever you like!

Edit: also, I’ve just left dupe DIYs on the sidewalk near Nooks. There’s two ironwood dresser and one cutting board… both needed for the ironwood kitchen. Take whatever you need!

Also, feel free to buy whatever in Nooks, I don’t need any of it.

What a great island! Left an offering to the Sphinx.

Thanks for opening @Hansey. I watered some flowers at your upper grid and left you a white springy ride on by your house in case you do not have one. ( although maybe you do not gave a Playground area, I couldn’t find one).

Lovely island.

Sadly, I sold last night for about half that price on another friend’s island.

I have two trips to make!

Thank you! I do not currently have a playground area… I used to, but I removed it for some other things. Still, I may re-add one in the future, so thanks!

No worries, make as many as you need!

About 25 minutes left for my 435 turnips. I’m going afk for about a half hour, but I’ll leave my island open for any last minute sales. (Dodo code a few posts up.). Hopefully there won’t be any disconnects while I’m gone.