Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

I have shooting stars tonight: K2XL6. I haven’t seen Celeste around though.

Oh, @Hansey I forgot to tell you, my girlfriend liked your junimo flag.

Thank you! I love me some Stardew Valley. It’s my most played game on Steam by a lot, hehe. I wish I could say I did it myself from memory, but I looked up a pixel drawing of one and slightly modified it to fit within the ACNH canvas. I did choose my own colors, but honestly getting the shape right is the hardest part.

Hope these are okay to post here, because I gotta believe that Bernie memes transcend politics. :D

(These are not my content, just a couple I saw on /r/AnimalCrossing)

B.B. Sanders

I really wish there was a very Bernie-like Grumpy, tbh. I think there was one who was similar, but not quite close enough, alas.

The post title of that one was “I am once again asking for your song requests…” :D

Stars, again! HBMBG

Celeste is meandering around the northeast.

There’s a February update coming!

Two, apparently!

Er, well, two updates, one for Feb and one for March.

This looks insanely delightful <3

I watched the preview video with my son, and when he saw the Carnivale bird, he said, “…And at night you go out and there’s a stripper pole…” One of those moments when you’re proud to be a parent!

The 1.7 (?) update is out, by the way. Don’t forget to check the store for seasonal items!

I noticed in the update trailer, the announcement that the next update was in March included a Mario mushroom and star.

I recall that New Leaf had at one point introduced Mario themed items that you bought from Nooks with “Play Coins” that you “earned” by walking around with your 3DS, because it had a pedometer in it. I remember throwing my 3DS in my bag when I’d go out to run errands like grocery shopping and such just to passively earn play coins. ;)

Anyway, I’m thinking they’re teasing that the Mario themed items are coming back in March. Assuming they’re not bringing back the Play Coins, I wonder how they’ll be obtained? (Probably shot down from balloons with a ridiculously low drop rate. ;) )

I assume this is to coincide with the big 35th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros. that is going through March. If it’s following the other Nintendo events, all of your Mario-themed items will suddenly disappear forever on March 31st.

That’s kinda lame.

Which part? To be fair, I don’t actually think that Mario-themed items will disappear from Animal Crossing. I was more commenting on the fact that the Super Mario Bros. 35 game and the Super Mario 3D All-Stars games will stop being available after March 31. Because, you know, it’s hard to keep those digital items in stock!

The disappearing part. If I wanna turn my island into the mushroom kingdom permanently, damn it, I should be able to!

I don’t wanna turn my island into the mushroom kingdom permanently.

Don’t worry, I don’t think items in Animal Crossing have ever just disappeared.


Celeste is visiting my island tonight. Currently on the beach to the right of the entrance.

5L8YG Closing shop

Help yourself to any recipes laying about.