Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

It was really nice that the feathers were pretty abundant and didn’t disappear, either.

Oh god, this. For some reason I was failing so hard at catching them, and if they’d vanished like the snowflakes do when you miss, I would never have managed to collect anything hehe.

I spent time on and off all day yesterday and managed to collect one of everything, in every color, including rainbow. I ended up with three Festivale floats in the end, since it seemed like Pave insisted that you bring him the three rainbow feathers every ten trades or so, and there was no way to continue trading him regular feathers while he wanted those.

It was a fun event though, I really enjoyed it.

Festivale was a simple event, but just echoing others here, it was a bunch of fun. Everyone in my family wished Pave would have been able to stick around for more than one day,

My kids are in love with all of our villagers such that we can never dare to invite new ones, but they both wished they could trade one for Pave (Kabuki or Annabelle were the villagers they were willing to boot).

New Update Incoming Soon.

Best part is being able to get from one part of the island to another in an instant.

Snake has completed his mission here on Isla Calma and now needs new objectives. He will be in boxes tomorrow, if anyone will have a vacant plot then and is interested in this rabbit jock. He is very lightly gifted, and his catch phrase is currently “Metal Gear?!?!” (Because of course it is. ;) )

Let me know if you want this ninja super soldier!

Wow, I guess I was serious about getting the lunar module being my end-game, because I haven’t booted AC since.

I want to come back, but I’m deathly afraid of what I’m going to see weed- and cockroach-wise at this point…

Gullivarr didn’t quite make it home from the bar last night, evidently. :D

It’s closing time…you don’t have to sail home, but you can’t snooze here…

That’s a nice little bar setup. We have a cafe next to our Nook’s Cranny I’ll get a pic of later.

Villagers will wear shirts or full body outfits all day and night when gifted, but hats or glasses? They put them on when you give them out, but I almost never ever see them wearing them again. They just sit on display heads in their houses forever.

Yeah, that’s been my observation as well. Which is a shame, because I discovered that Sterling looks just AMAZING in the pirate crown, but it’s a pain to get (it’s from Gullivarr) so I didn’t want to give him the only one I had. (Image was taken at Harv’s.)

Wow, that is great.

Eloise wore a hat I gave her almost all the time. Then I made the mistake of encouraging her to wear something awful that one of the villagers had me give to her. After complaining about her appearancce at the center, and regifting her the stuff I liked, she’s never worn the hat again.

That was AMAZING

That was well done, even if I don’t really get it.

When you’re on someone else’s island and another person flies in, there’s a weird period of time where you get kicked out of whatever you’re doing as the person arrives. Then when they show up, you magically appear at the airport too. This is showing what happens to the characters during that time.

I see. I don’t have online so I’ve never dealt with this. I found the bit where she’s frantically clicking through to try to get out of a character’s dialogue pretty relatable. Characters talk too damn much, especially the ninetieth time they’re saying the same thing!

I liked the first part with the mad panicked button presses to get out of dialogue, but I had no idea what was going on after that. The black void, the fog, etc.

Still, the animation was well done.

Yeah, and it’s worse when someone is flying in to the island: You get an alert across your screen saying, “Someone is flying in. Please exit the discussion.” Because someone can’t fly in while any chat windows are open, which is dumb on multiple levels.