Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

It’s never gonna go away.

Thing is, with this game there is plenty of time for other games. I spend an hour or two a day on it. You can spend more time, but then you’re probably just farming resources.

Okay, i just finished Day 1 in Animal Crossing and I think I just fell for a terrible combination timeshare/indentured servitude scheme. Nevertheless, my Switch friend code is SW-6551-8166-9609 and I guess I get a “dodo code” tomorrow?

I’m new to Switch multiplayer and to Animal Crossing and to why I should be working for this Nook guy but I’m counting on you all to help me.

Dodo code is a one time use thing when you want a start a semi public server for a while.

Let’s anyone who has the code join without being on your friends list.

Anyone got a good turnip price? 127 at mine at the moment (Monday PM)

If you want people to visit you have to open your gates every time you login. (You get airport later, day 2 or so?)


I FINALLY got my 30 iron nuggets last night and started the shop upgrade. Jeez that took me a long time. It didn’t help that I broke all my rocks the first couple / few days (I thought that was just part of the process).

If you don’t know a trick for getting 7-8 taps on a rock, look it up on youetube or reddit… I was on the struggle bus big time until I caught wind of that. I was getting 2-3 taps on rocks at the start, not realizing the timing thing!

Got you and @DennyA added to the master list – welcome! <3

Also, thank you for being literally just the second person in the whole Qt3 realm with apples as native fruit!

edit: Imagine my surprise after all the early video content/reviews I watched seemed to show Apples and thus I assumed that apples were the default for everyone and that we’d need to get all other fruits via Mystery Island. . .

Should have tagged you, sorry! @ArmandoPenblade

Got ya!

Learned an important lesson on my first day of having turnips to sell. I bought for 106 bells. Today they are paying 54. I don’t know how much the price fluctuates day-to-day, but I think 106 might have been too much.

It fluctuates a lot, and changes twice a day - 5am and noon. You’ve got plenty of chances to make your money back :-)

That said if folks get a crazy turnip price on their island and feel like sharing in this thread I ain’t gonna complain…

They pay between 50 and 445, just keep an eye on them through the week.

Oooh, good to know. I made my first turnip purchase yesterday. Only got a few but the price was 106 I think. I was worried I’d overpaid, but it looks like I might be fine. Plus it was only a few so no big loss.

I went to drop $400K on turnips and saw her when I went into the ATM to get my money and then could not find her. @Knightsaber and I found out she is only on the island from 5 am to noon and that seems… super dumb to me. I guess now I know.

On the plus side, I had plenty of money to buy up all the land plots and a bridge today, though.

Whoa! 400K? Did you bump off Nook and set yourself up as the new kingpin/cult leader of AC?

Man, Flip is on my island and I sold all my spiders last night. (He pays double for bugs).

I coulda been a millionaire.

Also, hot tip:

When you’re catching tarantulas with your trusty net, walk toward them holding down A, even when they’re all reared up at you. When they jump, let go of the button and you catch them. Easy peasy.

So the nooks are buying turnips for 63 bells at my island, but I’ve heard it can go as high as 600+. Anyone got a particularly high buy price? I’ll keep an eye on my buy prices this week and post if it’s a good deal for visitors. Also my native fruit is peaches.