Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

That needs to be a phone app.

So is the museum large enough that if you catch and turn in every insect, fish, and dinosaur fossil, they will ALL be in the museum. I was amazed the first time I went in there how many rooms and displays there were…love the aquarium ones. Coolest part of the game.

Just read this and I’m in the exact same boat. I almost want to start over again and make myself the primary resident. My daughter only plays on rare occasions and I’m making a point if unwinding with this at the end of the day.

Does anyone know if deleting the island is a straightforward thing? I don’t think I’m giving up too much. My house has only expanded a single time and the museum just opened.

The actual steps are simply Settings > Data Management > Delete Save Data. You might want to save some tools, fruit and bells like I did, if you can find someone who’s willing to wait around like Knightsaber did for me. Setting aside DIY recipes doesn’t really work out that great, though.

Starting over sounds intriguing and terrifying.

Right? My gf would kill me though. She loves Buck and Zucker too much to ever give them up…

I started over for similar reasons fwiw. Generally happy with that choice, but note that now will be a tough time to do this because the bunny day event bullshit really increases the grind necessary to progress.

We’re just a couple of days into Bunny Day stuff, with the event culminating on the 12th, right? Should still leave me time to get everything done, I hope. Do you. It think it’s possible. If I’m doing this, I want to pull the trigger this morning, so as to not waste more time.

Can’t say I’m loving all the Bunny Day outfits and furniture I’ve crafted either. If I lose them, I’ll be ok with that. Whatever the Halloween equivalent is would be far more upsetting.

He means that the eggs replace other materials, like wood and iron, that you get from trees and rocks (and everything else). I could see some of the frustrating steps in island development (thirty iron for the shop, for example) being even more frustrating when two thirds of your haul is going to be eggs instead of iron.

Ahhhh. I haven’t built the shop yet, because it’s likely tied to the main Resident. I have tons of iron in my house storage. Someone mentioned having someone else help them save some of their stuff before wiping clean. How would that even work?

Basically visit their island and drop your inventory there. Delete island/characters, redevelop till you get to the point of having an airport again, and swing by to pick it back up.

Sounds good to me. Anyone going to be around this morning (as of now) to allow me to try doing this?

Come on over!

(Island is called Frobozz now.)

I’m on my way! Thanks so much for your help with this.

[Edit] I keep getting disconnected from your island. I’ll keep trying as long as you’re online. Thanks for trying!

Trying again, won’t be afk this time. AC doesn’t like it when I watch TV or play another game while it’s running.

Aah, streaker karma!


Sunday turnips were 99 bells on my island. What were yours?

Lol. I have never felt so free and unencumbered. Managed to get the 5000 nook miles and the Blathers summoning collecting done. New house is under construction, and the airport opens tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to come and retrieve my stuff then!

I flew to an island that has no insects at all. I landed at 7:01 pm and there’s nothing but some rocks on a plateau (along with the usual trees and tulips here and there). Not a bug in sight. Weird…