Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

I’m on my way! Thanks so much for your help with this.

[Edit] I keep getting disconnected from your island. I’ll keep trying as long as you’re online. Thanks for trying!

Trying again, won’t be afk this time. AC doesn’t like it when I watch TV or play another game while it’s running.

Aah, streaker karma!


Sunday turnips were 99 bells on my island. What were yours?

Lol. I have never felt so free and unencumbered. Managed to get the 5000 nook miles and the Blathers summoning collecting done. New house is under construction, and the airport opens tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to come and retrieve my stuff then!

I flew to an island that has no insects at all. I landed at 7:01 pm and there’s nothing but some rocks on a plateau (along with the usual trees and tulips here and there). Not a bug in sight. Weird…

I had that one too, or one like it. All the rocks gave Bells.

Just give me a shout when you’re ready! Your stuff’s perfectly safe there on the beach, unless Louie or Miranda help themselves on the way out.

I’m firing it up now, and I honestly don’t mind if anyone helps themselves. I consider anything successfully transferred as a bonus. The real goal was taking control of the island!

You don’t beat the game; there’s just one event in the game where the credits play, but it only does that because there’s not an “ending” per se. It’s shown the credits at that same event in all of the other Animal Crossing games.

Aight, gates are open.

Patch today reigns in the eggs a bit, until Easter.

Yeah but Isabelle posted on my bulletin board about a Saturday fishing contest and if I’m fishing up eggs, they’re getting a beating.


Thank god, this nauseous event turned me off the game completely,

Booting it up with hopes now…

I’ve been stockpiling bait in preparation for the fishing contest.

The patch made no noticeable difference to me. 1 to 3 eggs per rock still, half the fish, etc. really sick of the egg thing.

Yes, it’s been my exact experience just now, wrapping things up. Sigh.

This morning I had only a couple of eggs during the beginning of my daily rounds. So few I wondered if they’d adjusted the drop rate. Then I spent the rest of my day getting eggs from fucking everywhere. I just did a mystery island that was just full of eggs popping out everywhere. I did grab a cute little seahorse for my museum though so it wasn’t a total loss.

Okay, I’m only a few days of playing in, but so far, this still feels like work. Grind, grind, grind.

You folks who like this are all MMO players, aren’t you? :)