Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

I keep a regular axe with me for island visits. But around home, it’s always stone axes.

For those of you on Instagram, thefuzzymaskedman is playing Animal Crossing, and he is telling stories with his characters. They’re saved in his Highlights if you want to see them. They’re…well, you have to see them.

My turnips were selling for 16 bells this morning (going down every day), and I totally missed Paul’s post. Darn.

I did notice that the prices went up to 89 this evening – I wasn’t aware they changed at some point during the day.

They change at noon.


Send help, I went full Bunny Day nuts:

Not bad… gotta do something with all those eggs, after all.

Source with QR codes

What’s supposed to be in Easter eggs anyway? Bunnies?

Fishing tourney today! Did a couple or rounds and made 12k and 16k selling the caught fish. So it’s probably worth it for a few times at least. Be sure to get clams and then make fish bait. For me I could get thru about 7-8 bait each 3 minute round. But if your fishing closer to your town square where it starts you can probably get up to 12-15 in. More of you’re super dexterous.

Really? I only did it twice, got 6 each. Should have been 7 the last one, but ran out of bait. Even if I lined them up perfectly each time, seems like it be difficult to get more then 10. Plus you always get a couple that take forever to bite.

Also, I only made 5k each time. Not really worth the time and effort. I will make a point of having tons of bait for the next one though.

10 is the max fish i got in a round. Have to run to a perpendicular slice of beach, that way you can toss bait and toss the rod without losing time to aim.

I did a little bit and I think I will need actual beer if I’m going to continue fishing.

You can get trophies too…at 100 points, 200 points…and 300 freaking points.

I thought I was well prepared with 2 fishing rods and 50 fish bait.

I was wrong. I think I ended up with 70-some points and stopped there. I don’t think I have the drive to go dig up 230 more clams (or the time).

TIL I guess.

This is where I stopped. I had 40 or so bait and a few poles ready to go and caught lots of fish (over 60 for sure) and actually gained some good bells from it, but the 300 points is just too much, my time is too valuable for that! :)

I caught 7 and 8 in my two rounds. My guesstimate of 12-15 is based on me believing I’m kinda slow and I lost 15-20 seconds getting set up at my beach to actually start finishing. Maybe I’m just a fishing savant and 8 ain’t that bad. 😬

8 was my average in a good spot. Once I think I got 10.

Yeah, this is key. My best was 10 in a round as well, and that’s based on always being able to cast immediately after throwing bait, and having good RNG on the fish biting - the longer it takes them to bite, the less chances you’re going to get. On average I was getting 9, but having the perfect spot on the beach is definitely the key.

I got over a 100 point, and I seem to have gotten all the fish themed items now, so I think I’m done. I may still do some more casual fishing though, because CJ is still paying 1.5x the rate for fish.

My highest was 8, but I think I could have had 9 at one point if I hadn’t messed up the timing. And that was when I was perfectly lined up to toss bait and then hit A to cast right in front of the fish every time without re-adjusting where I was standing. I’m sure 10 or maybe 11 is possible if you get lucky and the fish bites immediately every time, but I don’t think I would believe someone that said they got like 15. :)

It sounds like you’re doing it at least as good as anyone else!

Oh turns out if you do fishing multiplayer everyone’s scores add up… DUH THANKS FOR TELLING US AFTER it’s over. src

Wow, did they really publish that guide after the tourney ended? They really can’t keep from fumbling the multiplayer stuff.