Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

Public domain fucking rocks

I’ve caught a hammerhead and great white since switching to handheld for fishing. No misses.

The measured latency from the video was .04 vs .10, which when given a catch window of ~.25 for high-end fish is significant.

Daisy is selling for 90 bells. Gate is open. DDYQ2 CN187. No tips needed. Take as many trips as you’d like. It’s 8AM here.

She’s currently behind the second row of houses. There’s also a thunderstorm, and Redd is here selling fakes.

I have 750k on bells, at 100 each. I need enough to pay off the last loan so 400 a turnip would be perfect this week and any more a bonus.

Thanks, @MichaelFortson! Just bought a couple of loads, and my girlfriend is over buying too, and now I’m heading back to see if I can find Redd and get some decorations for the house.

My pleasure! I’m glad you were able to get some in time.

I finally caught some sharks! And an arapaima too! I caught the arapaima using my wireless pro controller, but had already got some suckerfish using it so tried handheld for the next finned shadow. Got a sawshark. Then I wandered down the beach and saw another fin and caught a hammerhead! All big fish within 5 minutes of each other. Yay!

Isn’t the connection in handheld mode still wireless, though? Weird the latency would be that different,

I don’t know if anyone has tried the wedding event on Harv’s lsland yet, but I highly recommend it! And it progresses on successive days, so keep going back before the end of the month!

Anyone got Celeste or meteors?

This fellow measured the difference:

Aaaaand. I just caught a Coelacanth. Next to the airport. It was raining, and the 8pm song had a steel drum playing in it, which I have never heard before.

Sahara has sky wall and meadow floor. Interest?

Doors open MLQQL

Spider web and toad parasols in shop too

My Sahara has the cityscape (cool night skyscraper scene) and dungeon walls, plus the Sahara’s Desert floor ( not sure if it’s all the same for everyone…). CG262.

Shut mine down, omw to you!

Interference. do you have your convo or phone open?

Just popping over :)

I got the dungeon, do I have to use a ticket to get city?

I bought both mysteries and then bought enough rug tickets for the other 2.

The whole system seems confusing. I’ve heard if you use tickets its random or resets the cash one

Interference again…