Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

I know what you mean. The only golden tools I have unlocked are the slingshot and watering can, and I do use golden versions of each of them. The slingshot because it honestly gets used infrequently enough that the golden one does last a long time, and the watering can for similar reasons (I only have a few patches of flowers I water daily at this point). I definitely accumulate gold nuggets faster than I use them to craft those two items.

But yeah, for things like the net, fishing pole and shovel? Yeah, don’t think I’ll bother. Mayyyybe I’ll make a golden axe when the time comes, since the only thing I even use it for it cutting down bell trees I’ve harvested (so once per day).

Super excited, Bianca will be in boxes tomorrow.

Too many superstars posing on my island, I’m sure someone will dig her. If you want her send me a PM and we can figure out a time for you to come talk to her Tuesday and she’ll be on your island Wednesday. Must have an open plot tomorrow.

Too bad I don’t need a peppy, since I’ll have a vacant lot tomorrow. I don’t mind the peppy types, but yeah, I don’t think I could handle more than one, hehe. I’ve got Penelope (mouse) and I adore her. And even though she has a starter house, it doens’t bother me too much because it seems to fit her.

I’ve got Bianca, she’s like my second or third peppy islander, but she runs around all the damn time. It’s hilarious so she’s a fave.

I was cleaning my office and I found my old DS, so I just ordered a used copy of AC:Wild World. New Horizons was my first AC, so it’ll be interesting to see the earlier game.

Oh wow, all the way back to Wild World? I still have my Wild World town, and every so often I pull out my DS and load it up. It’s amazing how far things have come. If you’ve got a 3DS, I still say New Leaf is also a very playable game, though I think it would be hard to go back to not being able to decorate outside.

Nope, no 3DS, alas. I did price them thinking I might check out New Leaf if I could pick up a cheap 3DS or 3DS XL, but the COVID console shortage has knocked used 3DS prices up to what they sold for when they were new (or higher).

I know this is a total tangent, but I can’t believe that Nintendo can’t keep the channel stocked with 3DSes and Switches.

Also, I found my GameCube copy of Animal Crossing, so I’m tempted to go see my weed-infested town littered with the decaying corpses of my former villagers.

Well, the 3DS has been out of production for a while now, but yeah, Switch stock has been pitiful. Took me weeks to find new joycons in stock (bad drifting left stick and big backlog on the free repairs).

Using one of the “is it in stock?” sites to send me text messages, I managed to snag a deal on GameStop for a Switch, Pro controller, Zelda BotW, AC:NH and a digital copy of Minecraft. Adding up the MSRPs, I saved $20. (!?)

Wait, really? They’re not even making 3DSes anymore? I mean, I suppose it’s not that surprising, since they want to sell Switches, but for some reason I assumed they’d keep selling the 3DS, because honestly, it’s a decent handheld console. I guess I never thought about it.

Yeah that surprised me too. I guess I shouldn’t stress out about it since Nintendo hardware seems to be pretty sturdy overall (my DSi XL is still going strong), but I didn’t realize it was the end of an era. I guess the used market is always there in case my unit dies!

So my hunt for one of the smugs on my shortlist (posted several posts up) was fruitful. Managed to score Zell on my 22nd island. Only two other smugs showed up before him, but neither were ones I wanted (Lionel and Lucha).

For the curious, this is the list of villagers I encountered:

Soleil (Yes, I encountered Soleil two islands in a row!)

I also thought it interesting that none of the villagers that showed up were ones that I would have wanted anyway even if I wasn’t searching for a few specific smugs types. Purrl maybe, and Willow was kind of cute, but neither of them are on my coveted list. It would have been painful to have to pass on Fauna if she’d turned up. ;)

So I now have three deer villagers, which normally I’d want some variety (unless I’m specific collecting animal types) but at least I can use the excuse that all three are very different deer types (with different antlers/horns) - Bam is a regular deer, Erik is a reindeer, and Zell is an antelope. So different animals entirely! Yeah!

Wow, that’s a heck of trail to blaze! I’m glad you found The One after all that, though :-D

My husband wanted me to hold out for Lopez, but I told myself I was taking the first one on my list that showed up. (I was secretly glad that it was Zell though, hehe)

Biancas in boxes if anyone interest.

Rock #4 did fall off into place today, yay!

Lol Bianca was grabbed in literally 30
Seconds after posting on the ACNH discord

Got a
Real glowing painting for trade if anyone has art dupes. Both my guys have it.

What I would give to ever see Redd on my island again, haha.

One trip in 3 weeks on 2 accounts. It’s bullshit. Maybe they will rebalance with patch this Friday. Hoping

At least with Redd you know if he’s there or not. Who the f can tell when Celeste shows up. Meteors are no indicator