Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

Thanks for opening up, Hansey! Nice blue and purple flower gardens!

I watered the red roses and left another couple of tokens of appreciation :-)

Hansey’s island is amazing and I kind of just want to go visit just to visit. I’ll refrain today :)

Oh hey @ArmandoPenblade if you want to update the List, my new island is Lian Yu, everything else is the same.

Yes, I named my little guy Oliver, too.

Ahahaha, you don’t know how happy that makes me. Now how to craft a Deathstroke mask on a stick using the art editor. . .

[edit] Big thanks to @Hansey for opening today. GF swung by to sell and water roses. She is delighted by and jealous of your lovely space <3

I feel like an idiot for not thinking of Oliver and Lian Yu in March :)

Many thanks! I do love how the blue and purple flowers look.

It’s my pleasure! Thank you everyone for the compliments. It makes me happy that you all like my island. I’ve tried to make it a very chill, relaxing and pleasant place. (I mean, I didn’t call it Isla CALM-a for nothing.) I’m glad that people enjoy it. :)

I’ll be over in a few minutes, and if it’s cool, my girlfriend Cassie’s going to come by as well. (Plus I want her to see your island! :)

No problem! Island is still open!

Thanks, Hansey! A tidy profit and a turnip-stress-free weekend. :) Island looks fantastic! So “neat,” in both senses of the word.

Hah, I know what you mean… it’s always nice to unload the turnips and not have to think about it for the rest of the week.

Okay, I’m gonna close up for a bit as I have some things to do. However, I’ll be around, and since Nooks is open until 10pm (EST), feel free to tag me if you want to sell and I can open back up.

Thanks for opening up! I’m only 2 mil away from my last stamp for turnips. I dig all your flower arrangements. My wife and I have been slowly growing flowers, but we’re not sure what all to do with them. Purple windflowers for the win though.

I do love the windflowers, I think they’re my favorite flower. I was fortunate that they were my native flower, so I was able to get the purple and blue ones pretty early on for “free” by finding a hybrid flower island full of them.

Update is out! Though I couldn’t figure out how to actually go in the water…

Good morning, delicious friends! …sorry, wrong game. Anyway.

Redd is on my island. I’ve bought my painting and will stay open for a while if anyone is interested.


*Closed now. I’ll re-open this evening if anyone is interested.

Step one appears to be buy a wetsuit from the Nooks. You’ll get a crash course in how to swim. Press A while moving to swim (and enter the water). Y to dive.

I will pop over, just updating the game

Ooooh, swimming is pretty cool. Though when you go out far enough I do actually get the sense of Thalassophobia. The fact I pulled a few sharks out of the exact spot I was swimming doesn’t help. Still, a nice little gift to find this morning and one I hadn’t heard about yet. I did make the mistake of not waiting until the store was open to buy my wetsuit and wasted 800 Nook Miles at the ATM first, before I remembered they send that in the mail and I ended up having to wait a few minutes until the trash pandas’ store opened.

I did buy my wetsuit at the shop first, but then ordered the one from the shopping app anyway, because I liked the look of it better, hehe. I wonder how many different wetsuit patterns there are?

Diving was originally introduced in New Leaf, and I remember that I was never super excited about it, but I couldn’t remember why. As soon as I did it this morning, I remembered that it was the slow, sluggish feel of swimming that I think kind of put me off it, but that’s a “me” problem rather than a problem with the mechanics, I think. So far it’s just been finding things to give to the museum, but given that there’s apparently going to be DIY patterns to get and things, it sounds that it will be ultimately more worthwhile. I’m going to need to find a place to keep my wetsuit though so I can grab it easily when I want to dive, rather than have it take up yet another space in my backpack, hehe.

According to one of the guys who has been doing a lot of the datamining, apparently one of the things that changed in the new update is that NPC appearances are now totally randomized, meaning that Leif, Kicks and Saharah are no longer a guaranteed appearance every week. I’m not clear on whether this means there is more or less of a chance for Redd to appear every week or not, if it really is truly random. The post doesn’t mention whether the game will still prioritize visitors that didn’t appear the previous week. (EDIT: Spoilered the post image because of a very minor spoiler that anyone who saw the update announcement probably saw already.)

Opening up again for about an hour for anyone who’d like to visit Redd. Note that as near as I can tell all his art is fake at the moment, except “mysterious painting”.


Pardon the mess. I’m new at this :)

@Calelari, are you still open? I was going to pop over, but looks like I might have missed the window.

Edit: Yep, not found. No worries!