Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

I cannot find that drippy-nosed turnip seller anywhere. Does she sometimes not appear?

What time zone are you in? She leaves at noon, so if you’re in the continental US, you missed her.

Ohhhh damn! I did not know that, thanks. On the bright side, I can ignore turnip prices this week I guess.

Bad timing all around on the new island. Resident services is being upgraded, Redd showed up yesterday so the museum is being upgraded, too new for Daisy Mae to show up yet. At least the Nook Boys are open?

Just find someone on one of the discord from another country. I recommend the ACNH discord and Tag Back TV.

Hey everyone, two things -

1.) I have Redd in port today, and three of his four art pieces were real. Two of them are gone already, but he still has a (real) Motherly Statue, and a (fake) Mystic Statue (the Nefertiti bust) if that’s something you’re interested in.

2.) Also, it appears Celeste is here tonight as well. She gave me the Cancer Table DIY, though I’m not sure if it’s different for everyone. I haven’t seen any shooting stars yet, but I haven’t really looked yet… it seems kinda cloudy, so if I have any, they’re probably going to be few and few between.

I’ve opened for now, DODO is M38KX. I’ll be open for maybe an hour or so, maybe a little longer, not sure. Feel free to drop by for art, Celeste or meteors (such as they are).

EDIT: Meteors are coming, I had 3 and then five minutes later another 4. We’ll see if the frequency remains consistent.

Oooh, on my way. Thanks, Hansey!

Update - for whatever reason, the connection went wonky. Reopened with K80XV.

I think Celeste’s gifts are depending on what you already have. I have the Cancer table already, so she gave me the Starry Sky wall.

I also got the Motherly Statue! Finally, that’s only my fourth piece for the art museum. Last time Redd was at my island he had four fakes!

Gonna hang our for a few and see if any shooting stars show up. Thanks, @Hansey!

No problem! Hang out as long as you like, though I haven’t seen a meteor in like ten minutes now. But I’m gonna get up and grab some food, so I’m sure they’ll appear as soon as I’m afk. ;)

OMW if still time

Yep still open

Bah just crashed out. Hope it didn’t wreck your island. Second time it happened this week.

Hm, yeah, killed it. Reopened with 9GPYX.

I’m so sorry. I wish I knew how to stop that from happening.

No worries, it would be nice if Nintendo could make their net code a bit better. @DennyA, looks like the motherly statue is still claimed, so you don’t need to worry that you lost it.

Np sign of her. Any sightings?

Hm, she was in the plaza area, I’ll run around a bit and look for her.

Got her there. TY!

Ah, good!