Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

Planning to pick this up today. Am I misremembering being able to send and receive fruit via mail in the previous AC games? Or is island travel required for acquiring other fruits.

Downloaded but haven’t started it up yet. Also wondering if we need Nintendo Online just to send AC mail. Other than Tetris, Nintendo online is a bit of waste for me though. Hm

I’ve never quite “gotten” this series, but my kids both love the version on 3DS. Two months ago, when we went to the Lego store at the mall, there was a poster for this in the Gamestop window, and we noted in passing that the new one would be coming out on my birthday. We haven’t mentioned it at all since then, and I was planning to hold off and wait for reviews and maybe a sale, since they have more than enough to keep them busy. Then this morning at breakfast, as my wife was wishing me a happy birthday, the 5-year-old’s eyes suddenly got wide and she interrupted with a shriek of “WAIT! That means Animal Crossing is out today!” Then she turned to my wife and very seriously told her “You have to go buy it for daddy.”

So we bowed to inevitability, and a copy should be arriving on Monday. Friend code SW-4925-1847-5873, and the island name will be whatever the girls decide.

Pretty sure you can send mail without an online membership. Online is for people playing together.

With online membership, if I’m buying two new full-price games digitally per year (highly likely) then using the online membership game vouchers provides enough of a discount to pay for itself. Though it depends where you are, I don’t think they have these vouchers in US any more.

Happy Birthday!

Sadley - SW-2619-2629-7678

Think the friend code chart should be up-to-date with the latest. Sorry, I was working on another Lockdown project I’ll be posting shortly. . .

Happy bday, @Thraeg! And unexpected Metal thread reunion with you and @Profanicus here :-D

Does it make sense to have two copies of this game? I have two boys, with each their own Nintendo Switch (well, technically one is mine, but I don’t get all that much game time on it). I’m pretty sure the kids will love this, but not sure whether it is worth it to get two of the games, or whether a shared game will hack it.

Sharing a copy (and a Switch) means you’ll share an island. In fact, there’s no way at all to have two islands on one console.

Doing that means that you’re also sharing a pool of somewhat limited daily resources and are slowly unlocking and advancing an adorable animal town collaboratively. Depending on the players’ personal design aesthetics and preferences, that could be awesome or maddening, I suspect. On the other hand, it also enables same-switch multiplayer and also saves you the cost of the game (and saves most of us the cost of an extra Switch!).

Two copies on two Switches will net you two islands that grow and develop independently as their individual players dictate. They can still play together via internet-based multiplayer, so they don’t lose much unless they’re specifically hankering to live in the same place.

And one physical copy for two Switches (which is our current plan) should theoretically be a reasonable option. They can play together on one island, and the older kid can have her own separate island if she doesn’t want to share. It sounds like the only thing they’ll lose by not buying a second copy is the ability to visit each others’ island with their existing characters (and to play at the same time).

Clay, Cecily, and Blythe (Allister in game)
Island: Mahalo (peaches)
Code: SW-4232-0022-7648

Just Lostcawz in game currently.
Island: Red Branch
Code: SW-6472-5802-1227
Item: cherries

So, in case people are wondering how to actually do multiplayer, here’s how it is supposed to work.

I’ve gotten into the habit of just opening up my island when I start playing.

Although, it occurs to me that having the airport might be a rarity right now. I started playing before midnight last night, so mine is open, but I think anyone who started playing today won’t have it open until tomorrow.

Thanks, both of you.

Sounds like one physical copy is the way to go in this case. They like to play together anyway, so don’t think this will be a big problem. We haven’t doubled up on any game yet, though there are a couple - the main Pokemon game for instance - where I realize I probably should have.

Island: Borphee (peaches)
Friend Code: SW-7771-2171-4334

Thanks for setting up the thread, @ArmandoPenblade!

Glad to help out!! :-D

FINALLY getting to dive back into my island. I wonder if I finish off my get-a-house tasks if it’ll be finished building by midnight >.>

I think it’s 6 a.m. if I’ve read about new days correctly. I will look more, I haven’t looked very carefully :)

Edit: 5 a.m. is the ‘next day’.

How do you send things to other players? I swear I saw an option for that earlier but I can’t find it now.

There’s some sort of mail thingy in the airport, but I haven’t unlocked it yet so I’m not sure how it works.

Oh and I just remembered that when I played AC on the Wii a long time ago, you could change the game date/time by changing it in system settings. But I plan to avoid using cheaty stuff like that, this time around.

I just picked this one up as I have fond memories of playing the 3DS version. I can’t think of any other game that is so tranquil to play. Run my little guy around, do some fishing, dig up some fossils - awesome.

I’m looking forward to this one. The graphics have got a nice bump too…