ANIMAL WELL - The Qt3 Secret-Hunter Club

I couldn’t think of a way to tell you “You’ll get your wish” without you also being irritated when you got it and it’s not as usable as you imagined it to be. It does come in handy for a very particular puzzle, though!

I think stopping when you have a chunk of the eggs is totally reasonable. There’s another credit roll when you do something with all the eggs, and it’s a pretty cool sequence. But I don’t think any single player is likely to get there without hints or a group to collaborate with.

Alright, I’m stuck. I haven’t read past the first two or three posts in this thread. I’d like a very gentle hint if possible, I’m resisting the urge to straight up google what to do.

It feels like I’ve missed something obvious or important, and I could be way off about the depth of the game, but I feel like I’ve actually gone deeper on optional secrets than a quick “main story” run would require.

Here’s everything I can think of about the progress I’ve made so far:

I’ve gotten three flames. I forget the animals associated with them, but in that room where you light the beacons I have the first three from left to right. I can see on the map that the fourth flame is in the bottom right of the map, but I haven’t found a room that connects to it.

I have 32 eggs (maybe one or two more, but I hit the 32 egg milestone), so I have the flute, the pencil, and the spinning top. I don’t know what the spinning top does aside from destroying some blocks in the room right where you receive it. I destroyed those blocks so fast I didn’t notice how they looked so I don’t know where else the top might be useful.

I have the disc, the slinky, the firecrackers, the flute, the yo-yo, the bubble wand, and I assembled the “K” thing from throwing firecrackers at a kangaroo four different times so I also have the bouncy ball.

Speaking of the flute, I have opened all six animal mouths at the “hub”, but I haven’t gotten the slightly hidden seventh (hippo?) mouth open. I learned the song on the flute that will teleport me back to the hub, but I haven’t learned any other songs.

I think I’m missing one match and one unlit candle.

I’ve been all over the map and I just can’t seem to find a way to that fourth flame. There’s a room down in the bottom right of the map near the flame with a section I can’t access because some platforms keep moving horizontally right to left, blocking what looks like another area to the right, and I don’t know how to make them change directions. There’s another room near that area of the map with platforms moving down that I think were originally moving up way back I first came to that area, and I think I’ve been to the room above and at the time changed the platform direction so now they only move down, but I can’t remember how or when I was up there.

The other “What do I do here?” place on the map isn’t anywhere near the flame, but there’s a long stretch of water that when I try to bubble-jump my way across a swordfish jumps up and pops the bubbles.

I think playing this in bits and pieces over six weeks hasn’t done me any favors, the kind of metroidvania where a way to write on the map is an in-game reward is not the type to kindly nudge you in the right direction and remind you where you left off after days between sessions.

So will one of you kindly nudge me in the right direction without revealing too much?

Just because the platforms are moving right to left doesn’t mean you can’t go right.

This stuck me for a while too. Screen transitions occur instantly, so a timed jump will land you where you expect.

It’s possible you’re telling me exactly what I need to know and it’s still not clicking in my head, but I suspect I’ve just poorly communicated exactly what’s going on in that one specific room.

In this one room, along the bottom of the screen there are vertically oriented platforms—but maybe walls would be a better word than platforms—moving from the right to the left, and I’m not trying to jump on top of them. They block the entire “tunnel” or “corridor” along their path, so to get to the unrevealed area in the bottom right of this one specific screen, I think I’d have to find a way to pass through them or reverse their direction—there’s no room to jump onto or over them.

Anyway, my gut feeling is that particular little unrevealed section is probably just another egg chest, not likely to be the key to getting where I need to go, but again, I might be wrong!

I’ll try to grab a screenshot of that particular room when I play again later. I appreciate the help!

Ok, I am getting confused due to my initial confusion when I returned to that area.

You must know how to reverse the way those mouse platforms move, because they were originally going up.

Ride them westward, there is a fish head above the platforms, you know what to do with those. That will lead you into the area where the ostrich flame is.

This is the room you are talking about right?

I believe the entire bottom right of the map is locked at this point for you and is only accessible via this room.

That’s not the room I was thinking of, but in going back briefly on lunch break to try to grab a screenshot I realized what I bolded was the key, and my problem all along.

It had been so long since I first came to this area I only remembered that—as you said—those platforms were originally going up. I didn’t remember where or how I changed their direction, but your comments made me look a little harder and I had the face-palm moment of clarity when I was in a room with a mouse running on a wheel that I’d observed many times but long since forgotten I had already been shown how to change its direction.

I didn’t even have time to get to the room I was looking for to get that screenshot, but I’m almost certain remembering that interaction I’d forgotten about to change the platform direction is what I need to get un-stuck, thanks!

That’s exactly the kind of help I wanted.

Yup, finished it last night after another short session, thanks again for the reminder on the thing I learned and then forgot.

Clocked in at about 10 ½ hours. I’m sure I could’ve knocked at least a couple hours off of that if I’d played more consistently and wasn’t constantly getting lost and backtracking just because it had been days between play sessions.

I’m not sure if I would’ve noticed how the areas are divided up, perhaps if I’d been playing through it more consistently I also would’ve picked up on how you only need the gadget in that area to get the flame in that area. That knowledge would’ve also been an obvious reminder of what to do in the area I got stuck.

I’ve skimmed the rest of the thread now, and I’d love to go for the “level 2” secrets but with how limited my gaming time is I’m not sure if I’ll stay with this or move on.

Overall I loved this!

Played around a bit more last night. Got more eggs, I think I’m at around 45.

I guess I should still spoiler tag post-game stuff I did:

Found the Serpent Seal, which got me the remote, which helped me navigate to several new areas. Cleaned out a few of the areas I obviously knew I needed the lantern to go back to.

Using the upgraded bubble wand to get past that cursed swordfish, only to get a single chest and a blocked passage way I clearly still something else to pass. I don’t look forward to having to come back here once I have whatever I need to get further in that direction.

I think I’ll stick with it long enough to try to track down the couple mysteries I know about. To-do:

Hopefully find the last match. I know where the last unlit candle is.
Perhaps revisit the swordfish dead end, but I really don’t know what it is I’ll need to continue there, so if I don’t stumble on something while pursuing other stuff I’m not going investigate much further.
Play a song for some cats, I think? I remember cats in cages responding to notes, and I think I remember seeing face tiles on the walls with the cats (I definitely saw face tiles in a pattern somewhere) that I now have the translation to flute notes to try playing.

Once I tick off my mental to-do list or hit frustrating dead ends trying, I’ll probably put this down instead of searching endlessly or running through with a guide, but I’ve really enjoyed my time with this.