Animaniacs 2020

Variety is reporting that Hulu has ordered two seasons of new Animaniacs episodes to begin airing in 2020. They have also signed a deal giving Hulu exclusive rights to stream the original series, it’s spin-offs, and Tiny Toons Adventures.

A.V. Club reporting on this sounds like deals aren’t in place yet for the original cast, so I’m trying to keep my excitement in check until that happens. But just having all the old stuff available will be great.

Hellllloooooooo Nurse!

Yeah, even though I own them all on DVD, having them streamable is handy.

That thing I liked from when I came home from school is coming home!

No Goodfeathers?!?!?!?!?!?!

I hope not, I reckon they couldn’t show us everything.

Though I’d not mind if they dropped Mindy and Buttons because Mindy is the worst.

Silly puppy! Rita and Runt was the worst, despite the amazing Bernadette Peters singing. Apparently Rita and Runt (and Peters) are not returning.

As long as we get some Chicken Boo. Also, I gotta know what is going on with Randy Beaman.

They were down there for me, but god I wanted Buttons to just NOT save Mindy. There, I said it. God that felt good.

I’ll also be happy if we get more Mime Time.

Good Idea: More Good Idea, Bad Idea.
Bad Idea: No more Good Idea, Bad Idea.

Yeah Tom Bodett is still around isn’t he?

He’s on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me every month or so! Surely he can find time for a little voice acting.

I’ve not listened to WWDTM in a dog’s age. I should revisit.

Yeah, the fact I no longer drive to work* has greatly reduced the amount of NPR shows like that I listen to.

*pre covid change, I was biking to work most days.

Man, I hope they can get away with this kind of humor nowadays.

Not sure I like the new art style. It is a little more rounded and flexible.

Hopefully the animators remember all their lessons from Acme Looniversity:

OMG. Amazing. I honestly got chills watching that.

How many episodes per season?