Animated gifs 2015

Happy new year!

From last year:

The 2014 thread has better quality gifs.

Shots fired!

I found the two above confusing, because it looked at first to me like it was only a single gif, doing something really strange.

doing it wrong…

Perhaps… perhaps you should go back to 9mm…

Pretty controlled Crazy Ivan…

Damn, the frame where the pistol is pointed back directly at her head is scary.

I think I viewed that 3 times before I realized the camera was fixed forward on the dash. How the hell did he regain control so smoothly?

I’ve done that at slower speed, and not with traffic in the next lane. You just have to luck out that the ice patch ends when you’re pointed forward. “I meant to do that”.

I don’t know what that is, but I don’t think I like it.

I did a TinEye search but all that comes up is this gif. And yeah, it’s creepy. I think of an intelligent virus or bacteria. He has a job and he’ll get there eventually.

It’s a motor protein. Yeah, they’re kind of odd, since they’re doing at a microscopic level something we normally think is strictly macroscopic. They’re not intelligent, though, just organic machines. Not actually creepier than transfer RNA attaching to a DNA strand and then unzipping to go assemble a protein.

The GIF is an artist’s impression, of course. The real things are a bit cruder looking.