Animated version of "The Hobbit" opsis

I love the opsises on the podcast (obviously), and as a big Lord Of The Rings fan, the “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Jourpsis” really struck a chord with me… I just had to do something. So I animated it!

Thought it might be of interest to other opsis-fans/ Hobbit-disappointees/ general movie watchers. :)

Oh my goodness. You are incredible!!!


Make more! (easy for me to say).

Holy shit squared.


Ty? How long did that take? I’m speechless.

That was great. Better than the actual movie.

That is fantastic!

Ulla89, well done. Did you draw all the characters? Did you manually synch the lips and movements to dialog? What’d you use for animation software? Looks like AfterEffects. Any rigging? Do you have the models, or was it freehand key framing?

Super smooth. Assuming you got the original dialog from a podcast/commentary. So you started with that and did animation.

This improv type animation to a dialog/soundtrack is really interesting. A lot of people are experimenting with this now.

Wow. This is phenomenal. And yes, as Scuzz said, better than the movie!

Really, really excellent work. (Based off really excellent source material based off really terrible source material based off really excellent source material.)

Yeah, that’s amazing. Excellent work. Thanks!

Wow, thanks everyone! Very much appreciated!
Fun to share with people who… are in the “qt3-opsis world”.
I’ve been showing this to my family during christmas, and WELL. There was some confusion. Many of them don’t even know what a podcast is…

@Charlatan Haha, thank you! I want to make more but damn, that took a while! Maybe a really short one could work…

@Kelly_Wand Omg, then I feel like I’ve really accomplished something!
And it did… well, it took a long time. Haha, much longer than I expected. But totally worth it! Gave me lots of time to listen to all your old podcasts while drawing.

Thanks @Guap ! I use Animate (Flash) actually, it’s the only thing I am familiar with. And yeah, I have drawn all the characters. Uhh, I’m not totally sure what rigging is… But I do split up all the body parts and move them around. So I guess mainly freehand key framing! And the lip synching and everything was done manually yes. There are probably simpler ways to do things, but hey, it works!

It was a fun way to work, since I could picture everything from the beginning from the audio, instead of starting out with nothing.

Ulla, you’ve made my day, my week, heck, my year. That was impressive, hilarious, and really touching. Thank you so much!


Where is the form for submitting for Animated Film Oscar?

That was fantastic!

Great work here! But now you’ve spoiled us so we’ll expect this for all future podcasts.

How much would I have to pledge to charity for an animated Hell or High Wopsis?

That is awesome. I am both envious and appreciative of your talent.

Totally wonderful job! I especially loved the simple Smeagol design. Excellent job punctuating Kelly’s hilarious script with impeccable visual gags. Time to shop this show around to Seeso, Machinima and Nerdist.

Amazing work, ulla89! :)