Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)

Here is a quick scene from the next episode feature the main character realizing that he was no match for the opponents.

The nice thing about the show being team focused is that being weak doesn’t mean you can’t contribute.

To Your Eternity is really good. I had no idea they were coming out with an anime for it.

Megalobox 2: Nomad seems like it’s going to be tackling some heavier topics. First episode has Joe fighting addiction to pain killers, and losing

I have problems to find anything memorable on this season.

I have already watched a few episodes of many series and I have a hard time connecting with something I truly want to watch.

Like, I started to watch ViVy, but at some point I was like “why I am watching this?”, and had to fastforward the episode to see how it ended to see if was going somewhere.

Just watched “Fumetsu no anata” (To Your Eternity). I liked the story and style. Good stuff.

New season!

86” is a very typical anime. I’m going to call it derivative. Let’s see: sci-fi, wartime, utopia that is really a dystopia, mech vehicles used in war (spiders, not bipedals, though), a bit of fanservice, and a setup for future rebellion against the government by our plucky group of soldiers. I don’t think I will continue with it.

Shadows House is a fantasy mystery series, although for now it has been slow, there isn’t a lot of hooks and instead it has been almost slice-of-lifeish. I guess that will change in future episodes. It deals with some kind of shadow people that live in a huge house and their servants, the ‘live puppets’ which for us, are just normal regular humans.

Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song is a bit weird. It’s the new anime done by WIT, and it’s scifi work about AI robot designed as a singer (she worked in a amusement park or similar), which suddenly it’s mixed in the plot of the Terminator series. A AI drone coming from 100 years into the future comes to her to make it avoid a future where the robots arise against humanity, so he sends her to intervene in key moments of history. For now, it’s more average than anything, for example the last episode it had a standalone story about another AI robot and her twin which is supposed to be dramatic but it was pretty meh.

Fumetsu no Anata e, or depending on the translation ‘To You, Immortal’ or ‘To Your Eternity’, had an intriguing start, about some kind of alien lifeform or drone coming to Earth, and learning what life here is about, by shapeshifting to replicate another lifeform that he finds dead, and continuing with their lives. If the first episode is a hint of things to come, the series has going to have a tragic flair. Still, the first episode was more a prologue than anything.

Mars Red has an intriguing urban fantasy historical setting (think Japan in 1930s but with vampires!), following a military unit specialized in the capture or killing of vampires, and it has a nice layer artistic flair in the story and direction. For example, the first episode had an actress interpreting Salomé who turned crazy when converted to vampire, the second had a bit of tragic lovers story that I liked it.

Thunderbolt Fantasy is perhaps the best I’m watching right now. It’s pure fantasy entertainment, in a wuxia setting, done with puppets. It has a very nice mix of classic adventure feel but with a novel (for me) setting and with a very good work in the writing department: character motivations, banter, plotting, etc.

In addition, I’m watching Invincible (see other thread).

Sword of The Stranger
Sword of the Stranger | Anime-Planet
This is a simple yet well told samurai story with top quality music, animation and visuals. The fight scenes are really spectacular (and quite bloody - be warned). Well worth watching if you like samurai or action movies. The final battle is one of the best animated fight scenes I’ve seen 8.5/10.

The Ancient Magus Bride
The Ancient Magus' Bride | Anime-Planet
I’ve been dipping my toes into the romance genre and this has been one of my favorites. It’s a slice of life anime about an emotionally damaged slave girl who is sold to a magician. It’s a character study from the girl’s perspective as she learns to navigate her new environment and an exploration of the strange bond she begins to forge with her (entirely non-human) master. I found it rich, warm and quite delightful. 8.5/10.

Welcome to Demon School season 2 just started. I wasn’t even expecting a second season so soon.

Sword of the Stranger is one of my favorites!

That dog is the best.

Came here to talk about Sword of the Stranger. Animation is really good.

Checking the thread seems other people was already talking about it. Looks good so far!

just finished… sweet movie :D

So far this new season, My Hero Academia is a series of mock battles between Class 1-A and 1-B. What’s frustrating about watching it weekly is that each battle is 2 episodes. So every other week, you’re left with only having seen half the fight. So this week I’m going to try to skip the episode, and watch two episodes next week. That way hopefully I get all of the next round in one go.

I remember Sword of the Stranger as having super sick animation for the action scenes, but apart from that it was 150% forgettable. Pure blandness in both story and characters.


I dropped 86, as I said.

After six episodes, I dropped Vivy. It never felt as it was really interesting, it kind of limped along.

Shadows House, I sill watch it, but it’s even slower than I supposed. Five episodes and it’s now that it feels it’s really starting. The concept is at least intriguing.

Fumetsu no Anata, I don’t really know where the story is going, but I feel it’s worth going along the ride.

Mars Red had some good first episodes, but on episode 4 and 5 is starting to lose me, the execution isn’t as good as it should be, some scenes had unearned drama, the direction the story is going isn’t clear enough.

Thunderbolt Fantasy is still the best series I’m watching right now. This third season is awesome.

To compensate the ones I dropped, I started Odd Taxi, a very curious series about anthropomorphic animals living in Tokyo, and the protagonist, a lonely taxi driver who is involved in the case of a missing girl and the mafia. This is combined with other side stories from other characters, told in a very chatty, natural way. It’s being interesting. Visually it’s very uninteresting, although the story is good enough to compensate.

is 150% forgetable, but well done

this season is doomed to dissapoint because the past one we had giants like (he) attack on titans, o rezero.

also a lot of studios seems toying with the same tools to make creation cheaper (or that how it looks to me). that have the unintended effect to make all series look similar in aestethics and cheap. … kid of like if all videogames where made with the unreal engine.

I have been watching Armored Trooper VOTOMS (I have apparently typed this enough for my phone to helpfully suggest it in ALL CAPS) on Hidive. I am not what I would call an “anime guy,” but I’ve been interested in this one for a long time, knowing it as a major inspiration behind Front Mission, which I love, and Heavy Gear, which I admire, however prior to this my direct exposure to it has been limited to flipping through a PDF of the pen and paper rpg. So far I’ve watched the whole series, Last Red Shoulder, Big Battle and Roots of Ambition in their entirety. After a promising beginning I turned off Brilliantly Shining Heresy party way through episode three or four, blech. My favorite part of the series was the Apocalypse Now stylings of the Kummen arc, so it’s no surprise that three episodes into Pailsen Files I feel like mecha anime doesn’t get much if any better than this. After I close the book on Votoms proper I’ve got Mellowlink and Takahashi’s pre-votoms show Fang of the Sun Dougram queued up, both fansubs since they were never officially brought over here.

So the series is called Armored Trooper VOTOMS, and all those other names you threw in there, what are those? Episode names?

Most of them are OVAs, which is a not very helpful designation because it covers both hour-long “movies” like Last Red Shoulder, Big Battle and Roots of Ambition and also multi-episode miniseries like Brilliantly Shining Heresy (5 episodes) and Pailsen Files (12 episodes). The original 52 episode series is kind of broken up into basically four 13-epidode arcs, of which Kummen is the second. Hidive put out a good viewing guide I linked in some Gundam thread.

No translation, but the creator of Berserk died of a heart condition.

Oh no. It was super not finished, too. :(