Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)


After being on the edge of my seat in anticipation way too much last season for One Punch Man, I swore off watching anime series as they air*. I look forward to Erased in a few months.

  • To this end, I decided to start watching GATE since that aired last year. SUNUVABITCH**

** It’s airing it’s second season (half-season?) right now.


I don’t know if Food Wars was brought up previously (I’m sure it was, sorry), but I started watching it a few days ago and I’m already 6 or 7 episodes into it. It’s really fun, and I love it.


Second season later this year (haven’t formally announced a date yet but they’re definitely making it), so you’ll get to enjoy your waiting game all over again in the near future!


Tried watching GATE a while back. Didn’t do much for any of us.


The Berserk movie showed up on Netflix, and I have vague recollections of hearing Berserk was awesome, so I watched it. It WAS fucking awesome–with the exception of the terrible 3d sequences and nonexistent ending (the movie doesn’t end so much as stop playing in the middle of what’s happening). The internet told me this follows almost exactly the original anime & manga plot, so I need to somehow acquire the original now.


I like GATE, but after reading the manga I don’t think they are doing a good adaptation… kind of. Many scenes that are strong in the manga end somewhat weak on the anime. I am not saying “bad adaptation”, is more like they did not take any risk, so the result is somewhat flat. Or … I dunno, maybe the same approach, but more energetic could have worked.


Get the manga. The anime was terribly watered down and also ends with a whimper because it came out long before the manga ended. In fact, the manga is still ongoing last I heard.


GATE is such a fun and interesting premise, but you’re right that it kind of turns into a thud pretty quickly. Still, I’m invested a bit in the story now so I’ll stick with it to the end of the current season at least.


I love the original anime. While the animation is pretty bad, the story and soundtrack are awesome. One of the rare instances where I like the dub more as well. Just be prepared, the anime ends with the worst cliffhanger I’ve ever come across. That ending is what got me into reading manga.


There are 3 berserk movies, which ends the golden age… i don’t read the manga so im hoping some day they will keep doing either movies or anime to continue with it.


I like the the main character in Gate.


Despite my manga purchasing days having long since come and gone, I did a quick search and noticed Barnes and Noble has 37 volumes of Berserk at about 14 dollars apiece. Tempting.

According to wikipedia, “As of July 2015, the manga has sold 27 million volumes in Japan and 8 million overseas.”

That’s impressive.


Overseas include all other parts of Asia besides Japan, and many parts of Asia voraciously consume manga. Still, very impressive numbers.


Right Stuf Anime is where I get most of my manga, though Barnes & Noble does have buy 2 get 1 free sales every now and then. Berserk is $11.24 there, if you get the membership it’s another 10% off. Tax free too. If you are willing to wait they also always have a publisher sale going on. Got the last 10 or so volumes of Berserk for ~$7 each when they were discounting Dark Horse. It doesn’t stack with the membership though.


I’ve discovered manga read pretty well on a kindle paperwhite and Amazon offers a number digitally for a pretty good price. The One Punch Man volumes are less than $5, for example.


And since i’m too lazy to read manga to continue the story i just found out they are releasing a new Berserk movie this year!


Stein’s Gate season 1 is currently free to “purchase” in the Xbox store.

Also plays on Xbox, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows Phone 8. For offline viewing, download your favorites on Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows Phone 8.


Season 3 of RWBY ended last week, which I had not been watching, so I ran through the whole thing over the last few days. It’s still fun, but man, did it ever shift gears from “light and fun with occasional beatdown of bad guys” to “death, destruction, and the end of innocence” in just a few episodes. I don’t think that’s necessarily either good or bad, just very different. One thing is for sure, I’m looking forward to seeing where they go with it in volume 4!


This is the first season since Monty Oum’s death last year, correct? I wonder to what extent the show’s change in tone is due to whoever filled that void deciding to go off in a radically different direction.


What do you guys think of this must-watch list over at Kotaku? I think KonoSuba and Erased sound awesome.

Also I finished watching s1 of Aldnoah.Zero with my daughter last weekend, we both liked it. She expressed “many feels” about the ending, which was actually something of a surprise. I mean, I knew shit was going to go down, just not to the extent that it did.