Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)


Yep, this is the first season after Oum passed. But the team claims “his story ideas will live on” so presumably he was in on this shift in tone, since it seems like such a major thing. As a general idea, anyway, if not in the details.


Agree with KonoSuba, Erased (I still hate that everyone calls it that) and Shouwa Rakugo. Schwarzesmarken gets a recommendation if you’re familiar with MuvLuv and a pass if you’re not. Not watching Ajin so I can’t vouch for/against it.


Erased is very good. Konosoba is ok (I am enjoying it but I often judge animes on the reaction of my kids - my daughter will stop what she is doing to watch Erased but not so much with Konosoba).

The best romance anime is definitely Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (Snow White with the Red Hair). My daughter and I love this show. I am still enjoying Diamond no Ace (and I do not even like baseball). I am saving Haikyuu 2nd Season for when it finishes, season 1 was excellent.


I blasted through 7 episodes of KonoSuba, it’s really fun. It’s pretty simple, and all the random gratuitous cleavage seems out of place, but I think the humor works more often than not (Kazuma, Kazuma! Yes, I’m Kazuma ^^). The Crusader character is definitely my favorite.

Also watched several episodes of Erased (why shouldn’t it be called that?) and I’m SUPER hooked! I’ll probably finish up the arc this weekend.


The real name is translated as “The Town Where Only I am Missing.” While I get that it sounds a bit generic, I don’t like it when something gets translated quite [I]that[/I] liberally.


I felt in the mood for mecha a while ago, so I pulled up Aldnoah.Zero off Crunchyroll. Just finished it this week. I agree with tryte that Season 1 (ep 1-12) was good. I certainly thought the ending of ep 12 had potential. But they couldn’t keep that going in the second season, turning it from “interesting new take on the genre” territory to “just another mecha anime.” Posted more detailed thoughts in a blog post. A quick web search didn’t show any plans for a third season, and that’s probably a good thing. Though I wouldn’t mind a follow-up series set in the same world, as long as it was written with a little more creativity.


That’s a bummer about Aldnoah s2, it definitely did have a lot of potential coming out of that last episode. We’ll probably watch some of it this weekend regardless.

Nice, I see your point. Erased sounds cool I guess, but it’s not emblematic of the show or the sentiment the original title is trying to convey. Anyway, new episode comes out today!


GATE just finished up its first season (or second, depending on how you count) today…24th episode, anyway. The first 10 episodes were great, the rest were just good. The downgrade there is because they added some unnecessary extra characters starting about halfway through, and the harem that Itami collects keeps getting more annoying. Having said that, “good” is still…well, good. I liked it well enough that I’d be happy to watch more if they make it.


I was with Erased up until he finally saved the first girl, but the glacial pace wore me down, and the moment they revealed he had to do it all over again with another girl, that was my nope, I’m out moment.


That was for the best since the ending was as dumb as the source material with the added benefit of being rushed due to, unsurprisingly, pacing issues.


I need to read this thread in much more depth, but curious if folks could make some quick recommendations that align to my family’s enjoyment of (in rough order of enjoyment): Stein’s;Gate, Fullmetal, Death Parade (best theme song ever), Death Note (worst theme ever, second half), Attack on Titan, and Erased (until the ending anyway). Actually, it is really hard to order everything between Stein’s;Gate and Erased as they were all great.


Your family’s taste seems to run toward lots of gore and murder. So I guess the good news is that you’ll find no shortage of anime to satisfy that.


Hmm. I suppose I can see that point of view, but outside of maybe Attack on Titan (because it is incomplete), if that’s all you pulled away from those shows their either we’re reading too much into them by being able to see beyond the blood, or you’re watching them too superficially.


Someone say gore and murder? Watch Elfen Lied! In all seriousness - it’s not just the gore, though you get plenty of that.

I liked Stein’s;Gate, Death Note (mostly), and Attack on Titan as well. Just started Erased, seems good thus far, though I’m not looking forward to finishing it after seeing others complain. Having said that, I can’t say there’s much that jumps out at me as fitting nicely into a pattern there. You mind mecha? If not, Code Geass and Aldnoah.Zero might be fun. For some reason, Gunslinger Girl also pops into my head, although it doesn’t really have much in common with your list.


I watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica and the third movie which continues the storyline. Overall I really liked it, but didn’t love it. Kept me entertained throughout though and the art style is really creative when they go to fight witches. The characters were good as well. The movie was pretty slow paced and had me scratching my head through half of it, made sense in the end though. It’s probably not a series I’d watch again, but I’m glad to have seen it.

Monster is one you can look into. I also hear Code Geass is pretty good and it gets compared to Death Note quite a bit. Been meaning to watch that one myself.


I finished off Erased. Yeah, there’s some problems with the end (spoilers in my longer blog post on the subject) but overall I enjoyed it. Plenty of stuff they could have expanded on, I think…if it had been 18 episodes instead of 12, it might have felt much more complete.


Pretty much an anime noob here also hoping for some suggestions. I’m pretty much in the opposite camp, I can’t do super gore/disturbing/horror (got two episodes into Fate:Zero before I noped right out, horror movies give me nightmares etc). I’m looking for things more on the positive side, romance, heroic action, light hearted etc. So far I’ve watched and enjoyed the following, on either Netflix or Amazon Prime. All of Fairy Tale that they had, loved it. Hunter X Hunter, up through the start of the Greed Island arc. Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan and the Berserk Movie (on netflix). And of course with a son who grew up through the 90’s and 00’s I’ve watched a crap ton of Pokemon and Dragonball and always got a kick out of them.

So not a whole lot in the great scheme of things, but I’d really like to expand out into some new series. I generally watch stuff on my second monitor while I’m playing so english VO is nice but as I’ve gotten through so much Hunter X Hunter using subs, not necessary. Thanks guys.


I was really satisfied with the ending of Erased, I thought it was well done. @ineffablebob, what you posited in your blog is, what I presume, exactly what happened. There’s really no other good explanation of how Satoru escaped that situation. Given the villains revealed motivations in the last episode, I think it’s entirely plausible.

I also wrapped up GATE and can recommend it, though I do agree it loses a lot of steam after the dragon arc. Zolzal and hot warrior bunny are completely ineffective as villains, the stakes were never high enough to feel like Princess Pina was in any real danger. Also, the name Pina Co Lada makes me roll my eyes every time they say it.


Off the top of my head, I’d recommend going and watching Mushi-shi. edit: There are some very light horror elements, but generally everything is positive/turns out positively.


Just to see how far you’re willing to push that, take a look at Akagami no Shirayukihime and let me know if that’s something you would consider watching or not. That’ll shape where I’d take this from there, since it’s technically all of those things but maybe not in the spirit of what you’re looking for.

Beefeater had that effect on me any time she was addressed by name.