Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)


Been watching this as well on Amazon Prime.

I could describe the show as “Attack on Titan” but instead of titans, it is hordes of super zombies, and instead of a walled in city, it is a giant armored train. (and some walled in cities) plus steampunk.


Exactly. I am liking it a lot.


Thanks GeeWhiz. I did not know that. I’ll give it a try on the Xbox One or PS4 soon. I don’t mind watching ads, as long as the ads don’t repeat themselves too often.


I had to try Koutetsujou no kabaneri because it sounded like Snowpiercer meets Attack of the much smaller Titan zombies and the first episode was OK. Quite a lot I liked and quite a lot that annoyed me. Typical anime character cliches, hopefully they develop in more interesting ways. Also the attempt to stop the infection just left me flabbergasted. Granted I don’t really understand how this mythology works yet but uh, steel compression bands are a pretty laughable attempt to stop a bite infection.

I was sure he was going to be the Iron Kabaneri there for a second.


Steel encased hearted zombies; I think the fact that steel compression sort of kinda makes sense to stop it (maybe) :)


Thanks for this recommendation guys. I’m seriously hooked. At first I thought the “cartooniness” of it made it so juvenile and over-the-top, but you get used to that pretty fast, and it becomes part of the charm. I’ve watched through Episode 5 so far, and it’s excellent.


Curses. Crunchyroll only shows that last, 8th episode of Re:Zero to subscribers. I have been foiled.

Still, a good show. And I hear there’s going to be a lot more episodes anyway, and I’m sure the 8th episode probably ends on more of a cliffhanger than the 7th, so I’m pretty happy with the ending I got, plus the 2 minutes they let you watch of episode 8. Good ending to the season.


Is a good show, but is irregular, some episodes are pretty average fan service.


Subscribers see episodes a week early (something like that) so episode 8 should show up eventually.


Wait, wait, wait. So the season is ongoing? Why are you guys watching shows that aren’t even done airing yet? Shouldn’t you wait until the season is over? This is the age of Netflix and streaming services. The only shows we should be watching every week are sports shows and the ones to do with current events! :)


I know, right? I do mostly wait on complete seasons for Crunchyroll, but I have a hard time resisting the stuff that pops up on my DVR every week.


I believe there will be 12 episodes.

I watch some series that are completed but often watch shows each week.

Hmmm…that is the way it used to be right? We watched our favorite shows each week when they aired. Netflix, Hulu, Prime have changed our habits!

I actually have different shows that I watch with different kids. My one son loves Jojo and my daughter loved Snow White with the red hair. And all my kids still watch Naruto together who they basically grew up with and they want to finish. They range from 19 to 22 years old now. (though they hate the Naruto filler episodes).


Anime is a giganteous thing. Even if you have watched 1000 hours of the best animes, theres still 700 hours of rare gems and absolutelly precious and amazing things. But is not a infinite resource. At some point you have watched all the good shit that could insterest you, even the rare things, then you have to rely on whatever TV is broadcasting in japan. You start watching a serie that start strong, and when it turns to filler or fan pandering, you search something else to watch.

Who would not binge watch all the future Game of Thrones episodes just now?


25, actually. Not sure if that counts the double-length pilot as 1 or 2.


Ah, yes it is going to continue into the next season.

I am not sure how many weeks constitute a season in Japan. Sometimes I see shows that are 12 episodes and others that are 13 for one season.


A cour is 13 weeks but any given series can have however many episodes it gets set up for. 12 or 13 is typical for a one-course series, with 10 being shorter than usual but not unheard of. 14 will sometimes happen, or extra episodes will come with the retail release to further pad the total.

Anything that has more than one cour will usually still adhere to that idea, meaning you will normally get 24-26.


Only watched two episodes so far but I am hooked, which very much surprised me. The constant juking around in terms of story direction when you go in blind is probably why.


Watched the movie [B]Redline[/B] tonight, pretty cool anime. The art style reminded me of Heavy Metal and the animation was crazy good. Not much of a plot, but if you want some batshit crazy racing action it’s worth a watch.

One dude took it upon himself to remaster the 1997 [B]Berserk[/B] anime and put it up on YouTube. It looks pretty gorgeous seeing it in HD. He also changed the order a bit, moving the first episode to the very end so the series is in chronological order, cut out the opening theme, and occasionally added title cards to explain a bit more of what’s happening. Looking forward to watching the new anime in July!

I’ve been playing Arsland: The Warriors of Legend on PS4 and have been enjoying it quite a bit, but holy shit does the pacing move at such a breakneck speed. I started watching the anime it’s based on, [B]Arslan Senki[/B], and it’s nice being able to process the story at a reasonable pace. Might even watch the old OVA’s sometime, the art looked pretty cool in that.


My Hero Academia ended its first season last night.

Love that show. Character designs and animation is pretty tight.


All Might was one of the best things about everything that aired last season.