Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)


Yes, it is a very enjoyable anime.


Deku on the other hand is just the worst protagonist in quite some time.


Yeah, great old-fashioned art style. You’re right, it seemed very strongly influenced by various Heavy Metal artists of old. Story was insane, but that opening racing scene was terrific. Hopefully it’s up on youtube someplace. I never watched the whole thing.


I know someone who would fight you to the death for suggesting Deku is worse than Natsuki Subaru. Fortunately, that someone isn’t me.


The 1997 anime Berserk holds the crown for the worst cliffhanger ending I’ve ever encountered in fiction. Finally, after like 16 years having first seen the anime we get to see a continuation of the story in anime form. The first episode came out a couple days ago and it was pretty awesome. Looks like it’s going to skip over the rest of the Black Swordsman Arc as well as the Lost Children. I dig the art style even though it seems to be getting a lot of hate online. Not a fan of the soundtrack, it saddens me that Susumu Hirasawa’s music was relegated to the next episode preview, ugh. His soundtrack for the 1997 anime really made it more amazing. It’s more Berserk though and I’m hyped to see different parts of the story animated. So, anyone else watching?


Watched Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie last night. Apparently a continuation of the “pyrophoric” episode of Arise, which for some dumb reason hasn’t yet been ported to the US yet.

It wasn’t bad. Started slow, but got better as it went on, with the ending bridging back to the first scene of the original. Not sure I like blood-simple murderous Saito so much, though.


I finally started One-Punch Man on Hulu last night (after figuring out how to navigate to free-Hulu, which is remarkably well-disguised). I’m sure it’s old hat to you lot by now, but I’m woefully behind on my anime-ing, and thought it was a hoot.


Yeah, One Punch Man is awesome. Check out My Hero Academia after that (also on Hulu)


Congrats on your finding One Punch Man. Is good stuff.

So… are we at the start of a new season? I see a lot of Episode 1 in the usual places where I get my anime, and I don’t know anything about them. But they all start with “16 years old student get his powers in this and that way and is followed around by this scandly clad young women” so I guest none of it is good. I hope we get something good this season or summer will be too long.


Yeah, the summer season is getting started right now. Best first episode so far goes to Amaama to Inazuma. No idea where it’ll end up, but it was rather touching even as a standalone episode.


They announced Attack on Titan Season 2 is coming Spring 2017.

Finally! Maybe we’ll finally get an explanation for all the mysteries of Season 1.


Hold your breath on that, I wouldn’t. :) Having said that, I’m happy to hear it. I enjoyed the first season of Attack on Titan enough to look forward to another round.


I watched the first episode of Orange which seems interesting. A girl writes a letter to her younger self giving directions concerning various regrets she had at 16. My daughter will probably like this so I will wait for her to return home from a trip abroad.

I also look forward to Arslan series 2. My wife enjoyed watching the first series which really amazed me.


Maybe they can move the plot along a little faster than a legless sloth with a concussion!


Mob Psycho 100 starts this week. It’s based on another manga by One, the creator of One Punch Man.


I’m still watching Re: Zero every week, and it’s been taking a pretty dramatic turn during the last few weeks, with almost nothing but exposition for 3 weeks in a row, and now the free episode today was just a bloodbath. I’m really not sure where the hell the show is going from here. But I’m still along for the ride.


I’m working through Planetes and I’m consistently astonished that there’s so much drama to be had from a story that’s focused on cleaning up garbage in space. There are a few plot lines that are pretty gonzo and one standard ‘awkward romance’ but altogether it’s been very enjoyable up to episode 12.


The last episode of Re:Zero has completelly killed me. Is just anime. Is a animated cartoon. I don’t have the right to be so good.

I feel like I have watched two hours of the best film art, and is just a anime. It can’t be.

Amazing. Great. Can’t wait for where this is going.

And now, I am going to watch it again.


Planetes is really, really good.


The episode before this last one made me think the MC is starting to become unlikable. Then all of a sudden the author does something that makes my jaw drop.