Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)


Holy crap, the last episode (21) of ReZero was so incredible can’t find word for this awesomeness!!


Yes, it was great. I like that the MC is not all powerful and it is acknowledged that he is actually the weakest but his courage and insight help swing the tide.

I find it hard to believe this will end soon. I wonder if they plant to go beyond the 25 episodes.

I do have a question about the episode:

I am a bit confused in the scene where the Subaru is falling and he dies on the way down and then says I am back? I did not understand what the point was? AT other points in the story his coming back always gives him more info to change things but this made no sense to me and I am probably missing something simple


It’s been noted mabeasts are attracted to him because he stinks of the witch. Every time he mentions his curse the ‘smell’ increases when the curse/witch grabs his heart. So he didn’t die, just provoked the curse to get the smell going again.


So I’m rectifying a great transgression and watching all 4 seasons of Cowboy Bebop. This is amazing cinema. I feel like I’ve watched about 6 or 8 full movies. I just finished watching the 2-parter “Jupiter Jazz” on Season 2. Holy shit. Amazing story, tying the music into it, with such great framing.

Watching these with my 13 yr old son and we’re having a great time. 2 episodes each night.

It reminds me of Planetes - I need to find it on DVD. I liked Tceicka’s take on Planetes:


How are you counting the seasons here?


4 disks. Is each disc not a season? I guess I just assumed that.


A season is generally an uninterrupted run of episodes, which in this case would actually be the entire set. The terminology gets a bit weird if you dig too deep, but there was technically only one season of CB.


That seems like an odd assumption. I can’t think of any show I have ever seen packaged one disc per season. (not saying it never happens but I don’t recall seeing it).


Welp, Hulu’s free service finally for real got shut down today. Farewell, hundreds of hours of free Hulu anime. You were fun while you lasted.


Thats the beauty of some animes. They have a lot of source material (light novels, manga sometimes).

I spoiled myself a lot about ReZero world, and theres a lot of stuff that we will not probably see. And even alternate worlds (spinoffs).


Yo, you should all watch Thunderbolt Fantasy. It’s a standard but well executed wuxia kung fu adventure, but…it’s all done with puppets! Similar in a way to old shows like Thunderbirds or Terrahawks, but now with some GGI for special effects. Episodes on Crunchyroll

Here’s the start of the first episode and shows how crazy the action can get in this thing.


Thunderbolt Fantasy is a passion project on the part of Gen Urobuchi (Fate/Zero, Madoka Magica, Psycho-Pass) where he basically calls in every favor he has to anyone he could get his hands on in Japan to make his ultimate Taiwanese fantasy puppet show.

It’s way better than I thought it had any chance of being.


I have been watching the show and I have to say the action scenes are very fun to watch. My understanding is that the show is considered live action and not an anime which is interesting in its own right. I wonder if that means it has a larger audience than an anime normally would.

I love the way they express emotions with the whole body. I read that the puppets have a lot of extra joints to get the motion they need when shooting.


Yeah it’s not really anime, but this seemed like the best existing thread to discuss it.


I just saw this on Sunday. Good episode. They did a great job of introducing this enemy from scratch in Episode 17, and then having this battle in Episode 20/21, where they give enough background that you feel like it’s been a part of this world forever. I especially loved the flashback scenes in Episode 20 that lent a lot more gravity to the fight. Now back to where we were going back in Episode 16 before this great interruption happened! :) And I agree with @geewhiz that it doesn’t feel like this will end in 25 episodes anymore. Maybe before this diversion that was possible, but I feel like there’s too many loose ends to tie up in only four episodes.


I agree. I was just wondering if fans of live action were watching this in Japan and China besides anime fans.


I don’t know what is a “wuxia kung fu adventure”, but I love to know more about the history and lore of asia. A lot of stuff I don’t know about, that can be very interesting. Most of the stuff I have seen was watchable and fun. Thanks for the note!


Man, I really want more Louis Cha to be translated into English.


Episode 23 of RE: Zero was fantastic!

I cannot wait for the next one.


Episode 22 was okay. Kind of anticlimatic given the previous encounters with that enemy, but it was well earned.

Meanwhile I started watching an Anime movie from the 80s called “Akira”. Holy moly, this thing was way ahead of its time. There’s soooooooo many crowds and extras and characters, and so much more detailed animation than I was expecting from something released in 88. Unfortunately, I could only watch 20 minutes or so today. Hopefully I can watch the rest sometime during next week.