Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)


Looking towards the Fall 2016 season, I am hoping that a few of the new series will be good.

3-gatsu no Lion
(I have sampled the manga not sure how it will be but I enjoy slice of life stories which I usually watch with my daughter)

All Out
(sports about rugby - hoping it may be as good as Haikyuu)

Bungou Stray Dogs 2
(I enjoyed the first season mainly because I liked the MC; he is not the strongest character but he always looks out for his friends - though worried he may become overpowered in season 2)

(looks interesting)

Haikyuu 3
(third season - have liked this series a lot)

Iron-Blooded Orphans 2
(enjoyed season 1 more than I thought I would)

Luger Code 1951
Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo
(mystery series I believe)


Loved the first season of stray dogs. One of my favorites. Great balance of humor and action. Didn’t get into IBO, but my kids did and I suspect they will miss watching it together (at separate colleges).

Realized the other day that there was a very limited US release of Yamato 2199 on disc a few years ago. Really wish that would find it say to Crunchyroll at some point. The original was my favorite show as a kid. Also just love that they re-scored and re-recorded the music from the original series. When I listened to some of it awhile back it brought tears to my eyes.


Thunderbolt Fantasy - concluded the story arc though I felt the last two episodes were rushed; wish they could have worked up more slowly to the end battle.

Was disappointed that the battle with the main villain was rushed to go to the demonic boss creature. I did like that the main hero does not get the girl

They did the end the series with plenty of room to continue the story so I do hope they are able to create a second season in the future.

The action scenes with the puppet made the show very fun to watch. Be interesting to see if the show is successful if any other series will attempt using puppets. I wonder how expensive the puppets/motion is compared to normal animation.


A second season was announced today. As to the cost, PILI has been doing these style of shows for a long time in Taiwan, so I can’t imagine it’s too prohibitive.

I loved this series and the characters. It was great when Edgeless Blade pulled out that scroll of magic swords, full of ones arguably better than the one that the big bad was after


Same here. I have the original Star Blazers series in my Amazon digital library, but the poor quality digital transfer is tough to watch on a modern TV.


Thunderbolt Fantasy had one of the best finales I’ve seen in a while. Great series.


I thought it was hysterically funny that he has 36 swords that are better than the one the whole first series is about! It would be like if Frodo lost the ring and someone said no problem take one of the extra rings I happen to have in my pocket!


I think the resolution works in Thunderbolt because Shang is so perplexed by why everyone is making such a big deal over the sword for most of the series.


I’ve heard that from others too. I suspect it has one of the larger cult followings in the West, yet we have gotten none of the follow up movies, etc here. And with Robotech making a comeback (not to mention Voltron) and various Gundam series being popular, I feel like they could have hooked a whole new generation with it.


I just watched the ending. Good series. I’m glad I watched it. It had some really high highs.


I actually ended up watching all the way through the last season and did in fact really like it. They did turn down the rapey factor, but rather slowly imo. Either that or I am just inured to it now. Note I really enjoy cooking competition shows so take the above for what it’s worth.

Most of the recipes envisioned by the main character frankly sound disgusting to me, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt since I love going to michelin star restaurants and ordering the least appetizing thing on the menu.


Watched Fune wo Amu today. It is about writing a dictionary so in essence it is about words. It is very gentle and I think it will turn out to be interesting. Apparently it is based on a novel which was made into a movie and had good reviews and now they have created an anime version.

I also watched All Out which is about rugby. I suppose it is the typical sports anime about persevering through hard work, training, and attitude. I did enjoy it for what it is. I have always wanted to learn more about rugby and this could be a pleasant way to learn.

The first episode of Bungou Stray Dogs 2 was also interesting and looks like a good start.


Well I am finishing up the Fall 2016 series.

Fune wo Amu:
I liked the idea behind Fune wo Amu but one of the problems for me was that the emotions of the story fall a little flat. I think that some of the relationships were muted by the amount of time they had with the story. I had wished that the romance went a bit longer. I did enjoy the show and watched it with my daughter.

Haikyuu 3:
I have one episode left and want to find out if they will win or not. One thing about Japanese culture that I have noticed especially with sport animes is that the main characters do not always win. I am always a bit stressed rooting for the team.

Bungou Stray Dogs 2:
Also enjoyed and have one episode left. Trying to get everything caught up for the Winter 2017 series and I am off for two weeks. I am switching between games and watching the last few episodes in my seasonal backlog.

JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken:
The villain was intense and the fight scenes were interesting. It is a loud anime, with a lot of that juvenile tough guy type talk but I did have a good time watching the show. I will be glad to take a break from it since it ran 39 episodes. I have a feeling that the next series could be about the invisible baby (I do not read the manga just taking a guess).

Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan:
Was the sleeper hit for me this season. It is hysterical. Reminds me of Gintama a little based on the style of humor. I usually do not like gag manga when it is transformed to anime but this worked very well.

Winter 2017 shows looking forward to:
Demi-chan wa Katarita
Gintama 2017


I just finished up Keijo!!! which I thought ended up being pretty great. If you’ve never heard about it…well, it’s a sports anime about girls who use their boobs and butts to knock each other off floating platforms called Lands. I figured it would be straight trash and good for a laugh or two, but I ended up being pretty invested in the races and enjoyed all the distinct personalities of the girls. Each girl has her own special abilities and you get a ton of hilarious over-the-top moments. I mean, the main character uses a move called the ‘Vacuum Butt Cannon’ and that is really just the tip of the iceberg. At one point a girl uses her nipple to perform a shoulder throw and I’m just like


I loved how seriously the sport is taken in the anime and all the pseudoscientific explanations for the impossible abilities. Did you guys know that if you give yourself a wedgie it increases your speed? I’m usually put off by fan service, but it works here due to the shows concept and tone. I went in expecting a colossal train wreck and instead got a legitimately funny sports anime about a diverse group of girls trying to go pro in this crazy sport.



This would be the conversation in my home:

Mrs Geewhiz:
What are you watching?

Mr Geewhiz:
Ummm… a sports anime!

Mrs Geewhiz:
What type of sport?

Mr Geewhiz:
Butt bouncing…

It goes all downhill from there. :)


So after the encouragement here, I continued watching Food Wars despite not liking the pilot episode. And I’m glad I did. I’m hooked now, having watched 7 episodes. In a recent book thread, I was asking about one of my favorite genre: a group of students studying together in a sci-fi or fantasy setting, preferably. I got some good recommendations on books based on that, and it’s a pretty small genre. But hey, it turns out Food Wars is in that genre too! And after the first episode, the sexual metaphors have been toned down and there’s hardly been any more tentacle rapes.

Anyway, good series. I’ll probably binge-watch both seasons pretty quickly.


Never really thought about that as it’s own genre, but it’s certainly a favored of mine. Harry Potter, Ender’s Game, etc. Great stuff.


[quote=“Rock8man, post:4156, topic:15138, full:true”]
I’m hooked now, having watched 7 episodes. In a recent book thread, I was asking about one of my favorite genre: a group of students studying together in a sci-fi or fantasy setting, preferably. I got some good recommendations on books based on that, and it’s a pretty small genre.[/quote]

Here are some that may fit your genre; though I am not vouching that they are a must watch show:

I started to watch Classroom Crisis but did not continue. Same with Moyashimon though I have read some good reviews concerning it. I never watched Robotic Girls but it seems to fit your theme.


Man, you weren’t kidding about this. Hashikiro has lost at least 3 times in Food Wars now. It definitely makes each match up interesting when you know they’re willing to make the main characters lose.


I finished both seasons of Food Wars. Great series. if they continue in further seasons, I’ll watch it for sure.

Any other fantastic series I shouldn’t miss on Crunchyroll in the 10 days left of my free premium membership? For lack of any other recommendations I could go with one of the series that @geewhiz recommended just above. But it doesn’t have to be a super-recent anime. If there’s a classic I missed, or something really good that’s on the service that everyone else saw a long time ago, that’s ideal.