Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)


We just finished watching Gundam Double O, and I quite liked it.
I preferred the first of the two seasons by large. I thought it discussed the usual Gundam-esque themes with an ingenuity not often found in the genre, proposing something and then actually countering it. It was also somewhat free of the now obligatory double-layered machineism (I mean, the usual “all vilains are not that bad, all good guys have a dark past” cliché). [spoiler]It felt a bit unequal though, with the Alleluia/Sergeï story arc feeling by far the weakest of the whole.

It turned into something a bit worrying when a band of red clowns showed up as a spectacular deus ex machina, and sadly, that trend took a turn for the worst in the second series. As with Seed, it seemed to become a parody of itself. But the second series discussed quite bluntly the hypocrisy of Japan’s so-called pacifism, and that almost redeemed it in my eyes.[/spoiler]
I still didn’t feel like it was a waste of time: I liked the writing (the guy is no Tomino, as a lot of lines were more-or-less not that intentionally funny, but it’s got style, at least), and the first series was really good for a good part of it.

Next up is Code Geass I guess! Quite a bunch of those it seems, I hope we will watch them in the correct order! (I guess it’s Lelouche’s TV series first?)


You want Lelouch of the Rebellion and then R2. The movies are completely unnecessary and Akito the Exiled is really bad (but is best watched last if you insist).


Thank you. Starting it now!


I honestly enjoyed Lelouch story. All of it, from the first episode to the last one of R2. R2 feels somewhat cheaper production values, but it still kinda gets where it needs to be.

The think with Lelouch story is that is A classic, many other animes copy that style and ideas, so the originality of the original one is now somewhat limited.

I have watched the entire serie two times because knowing what is going to happen make things even more saucy.

Don’t tell anyone I said this.


I just saw there is a Season 3 of Code Geass coming out, i think i have to rewatch it all again.


Just watched “Your Name” --instant classic.


ACCA was promising at first, but I think it faltered in the last two episodes. Though I still watch it.

Rakugo S2 is great, as expected.

The surprise of the season is Kuzu no Honkai or Scum’s Wish. It has the plot of a sex-driven teenage romance drama, so one could expect something trashy and soap opera-ish, but it actually has a deeper, introspective character examination, while it handles everything with a sensitive care by the director.


I keep telling a friend of mine that I probably still won’t know what ACCA actually is even after it’s over. It’s just a weird show, but I like it for how subtle it is most of the time. Facial expressions seem to mean a lot in this show, unlike most of the rest of the medium, and the world the show has built is delightfully bizarre. I’ll be seeing it through to the end for sure.

Agreed that Rakugo and Kuzu no Honkai are both quite good so far, and it’s really great to have KonoSuba back as well.


I will keep watching the show but I am a bit disappointed that he is supposed to be the best at what he does but than seems oblivious to certain things as they occur. It is still interesting and as the story builds up I am hoping that there is a great payout at the end.

It is a soft story so I do enjoy watching it. When I mention soft I mean the characters are not loud running around and screaming or over excited.


Got to introduce a 19-yr old to Dragon Half yesterday. She liked it.


I think it’s getting released in U.S. theaters in April? I was going to wait until then to see it. But it showed up this morning on a friend’s Plex account, so I couldn’t resist. It’s really good. So good that I’ll still be tempted to see it again if it does get a theatrical release in the U.S.


Finished watching both seasons of Code Geass, avoiding the rest as advised by @Otagan.
It was some very good stupid fun. Nothing makes sense? whatever: the 24 fanboy in me loves dramatics for dramatics. Even the filler episodes weren’t quite fillers. Good time!


Why would you inflict Dragon Half on anyone when they could be enjoying Dragon Maid?


Funny thing is we watched that one as well (though she said it was too lesbian despite being that way herself)

In between, I saw the anime equivalent of Teletubbies.


I just finished watching this via Amazon Prime. Beautiful art and animation, good voices, decent music. Which would make it good, but for me it gets downgraded to average because the story felt like an Attack on Titan clone, right down to the man-becomes-monster component. If Kabaneri was a term paper, I’d fail it for plagiarism, but stealing ideas in anime isn’t a hanging offense. The characters aren’t particularly memorable and they all seem to have the same “childhood trauma warped me” driving force, but in only 12 episodes I suppose that isn’t surprising. Rumor is that there’s another series set in the same world coming in 2018 - be interesting to see if it plots its own course.


Well, basically it’s supposed to evoke Attack on Titan to give people something similar to watch during AoT’s hiatus. It’s the same studio and director, and it shares a few producers too. Oh, and the music person.


I’d love to watch that, but it looks like it’s not available on crunchyroll or Hulu. Just Amazon Prime.


Strange. You’d think they’d either just spend the time and effort making more AoT, or else range a little farther afield to try to expand their audience. But whatever works for them. It’s not like I really disliked Kabaneri or anything, it just felt lazy to re-use so much of AoT’s underpinnings.

Annoying, isn’t it? This is why I rotate my subscriptions on a semi-regular basis. Soon my current month of Prime will be up and I’ll drop it. Probably pick up Crunchyroll next, quite a bit from the last couple of seasons that I haven’t tried there.


Kabaneri: I stopped watching it after a while, the story was not that interesting, the character appeal was low. The production values where good but you need a good story or good interactions between characters.



I just started watching this too, and I can decide between subs or dubs, I am a hardcore subs guy, but, in my age I think my tolerance for having to be paying very close attention to the bottom of the screen is waning.


Can we talk about Episode 4? Can we talk about that for a bit? (The Chimera doctor episode)

Because, holy shit, this show goes places. Having watched the original FMA in college, I did not expect this show to go to the depths of darkness this show goes.

And, I think I like it.