Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)



Nothing else really matters, it’s the full manga story and the best of it.


I think both are absolutely worth watching. As mentioned above, Brotherhood glosses over/omits stuff that was covered in depth in the original series for the express purpose of not retreading over the same ground. A number of those storylines are really good and informative for the characters. I think the pre-Brotherhood movie, Conqueror of Shamballa, is also awesome, far better than that post Brotherhood side story Sacred Star of Milos. Obviously the metaphysics and lore wildly diverge with Brotherhood becoming a lot crazier and more interesting, but I don’t think it’s fair to dismiss the original series like it’s bad Naruto filler.


The original also has way more Alex Louis Armstrong, and while his sister is cool and all, I really miss his presence in Brotherhood.


i know it’s only been about 3 months since this post, but I can’t stop thinking about Erased. I’m very happy with just having seen 10 episodes (one was a recap episode, so really, 9 episodes total). I would say this is my favorite anime of all time. And that includes that new movie “Your Name”, and Spirited Away and other anime movies too.

I wish I could watch more anime of that quality.


I ended up watching the whole first season of this and it ended up blowing my god damn mind. Like many great anime series, Rakugo hid the true nature of the show past the first couple episodes. The rakugo itself is less important as the anime continues and the story it’s telling started to become apparent. It actually snuck up on me, I didn’t really get what was happening and was going to happen until the last couple episodes. Highly recommended, and make sure to make it like 4 episodes in before giving up.

Seriously, mind blown. Can’t wait until season 2 finishes up so I can watch it (maybe it did already?)


I missed this only mention of Yuri on Ice in this thread because it was short and on a busy day for me. I ended up watching it a month back or so and it’s really good. Not for everyone, lol, but really good. If you end up watching it and raise your eyebrows a few times in the first couple episodes with a “are they going there?” like I did, you’ll do better than if you read a synopsis or something. I had no idea of even the genre when I started and missed a few signs that I felt are things that are pretty typical in anime because Japan.


It’ll be done in about a month.


Is season 2 as good as 1?


So far, I’d say so, though it is noticeably darker on the whole. There are some nice twists and the characters are still fantastic to watch so I’m still on board 100%.


My daughter had already seen it, but what he’d it again with us while home from college because she wanted my wife (former ice skater) to see it. I tagged along for the katsudon and occasional awkwardness.


A new anime of cult classic Kino’s Journey has been announced. Unclear if it’s going to be a remake or a sequel or what.


I ended up seeing the first two discs of Nana. Has anyone else watched this? It’s really good. So far, honestly, it’s been all setup. The first 8 episodes have just gone over how these two women both named Nana ended up living together in Tokyo. Both have such different background and personalities, I find myself very curious about what will follow.

Unfortunately, I only had access to those 8 episodes, and this is not available on any streaming services anymore. Apparently this used to be on Netflix. I’ll request it from them, maybe they can get the rights to stream it again.


Yep. It was never really finished to the best of my knowledge, and I thought it got weaker toward the end anyway. But still a fun watch.


Nice! Yeah, i wish it was still up on Netflix. And yes, it’s rarely ever uninteresting so far. Even when they did the thing where they basically repeated the first episode again, they added enough scenes that I felt compelled to watch the thing a second time.

Mostly I’m just so curious because the two have such different personalities. Each of their backstories were full of characters used to dealing with those personalities.

By the way, each episode makes me laugh out loud when the Nana that we originally follow (the one the other Nana calls Hachi) is involved.


Hello all. I’ve been asking for advice on anime, since I’m basically pretty ignorant and would like to get up to speed, a bit, before this weekend when I’m doing a show that features an anime movie. I realize part of the fun will be our relative levels of ignorance, but I always prefer to prepare for these shows as much as possible.

I’ve asked a close friend, and some friends on slack, and @ineffablebob invited me to come over here and ask for advice.

I’d like a little primer on anime if you don’t mind. I know I should just read the thread, but I can’t read this whole thread. So I’m asking for a few ideas of movies I should watch to just get a grasp on some foundational anime concepts. If that’s even a thing.

@fire warned me that anime is really better suited for “episodic storytelling” (her term) and so is better suited for a series than a movie, but I’d like a couple of movies I can sink my teeth into before doing the show.

All I know, I’m embarrassed to admit, are Ghost in the Shell and Akira, because I saw those in theaters. But those strike me as training wheels level. Also, I don’t need any Miyazaki recommendations.

So if any of you can think of a couple of movies I should watch this week to help me prep–movies you think are important or just important to you–I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks so much!



Are you able to get a copy of Paprika? I hate the English dub so i would recommend subs. I think that Paprika is worth watching just for the opening credits scene (which happens about 8 minutes or so into the movie) which I absolutely love.


I’m weirdly kind of trying to avoid other things on the lottery list, but I’ll see if I can order or stream that if you think it’s worthwhile.

Thank you, Chris!



Checking with my daughter, but she’s in class. I’m more familiar with series than movies.

I have not seen it, but have heard many times that Grave of the Fireflies is supposed to be quite good. I have a feeling she will mention “Your Name”, but that isn’t getting a US release until next month.

But you are asking the equivalent to “I’ve never seen an American movie before, how can I catch up?”


Yeah, Misguided, I realize I’m doing that. And I suppose that’s being tone-deaf, if not rude. My intent is to be more prepared, and if I can get a little closer, that would help. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert. People know me better than that.

Thank you for checking in with your daughter.



No, it’s cool, and definitely a positive thing in my book, just a tall order. Never mind we all have different tastes.