Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)


The 2 SAC series are so good, even when dubbed by a half-drunken porncast (the condition of the series on my first contact with it), it is still brilliant. So smart and not posing.

Well, since it has been months, we have watched Samurai Champloo here. Talking about posing: what a flat, uninteresting, and obviously proud of itself series. Absolutely disliked everything about it.
We then proceeded to watch Bokudakegainaimachi/Erased, but it wasn’t the time in our life to watch it, especially for my wife, so we have interrupted it quickly. Sorry, @Rock8man, but we will back to it someday!
We have since started and almost finished the marathon of watching the (currently available) 110-something episodes of Jojos’ Wacky Bizarre Adventures.
What a joy. The show is so stupid, yet so brilliant in its renunciation to go with any logical explanation. It’s pure 70s manga action, with the dialogue and talk of crazed overexcited adults. I had never read a single page of the manga; I now totally understand why it is so beloved. I can’t get some episode’s first lines of dialogue out of my head, some police agent calling on one of the protagonists out of nowhere, roughly to the following effect: “Hey! You! Yeah you! Fuck off!”. Just awesome :D
The openings are also sights, creating a sort of narrative within the series.
I am just a little chuckling kid again. Wonderful series. I am already sad we are almost done. I am happy to know they have probably enough material for 3 other seasons.


Ouch, and Ouch!

I loved Samurai Champloo back when it was released. And I loved Erased, of course. Our tastes in anime must be very different.

Jojo’s Wacky Adventures, is that the same as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures? Or is one a sequel to the other or something like that?


In case you’ve never seen this before… one of the great mashups in anime (and SF convention) history:

— Alan


Recently finished up watching Arslan, which has been my treadmill show for a while now. Loved every minute and wish there were more. Replacing that with Last Exile.

Also watched all of Romeo X Juliet, which was a heck of a lot of fun. And the best part might have been laughing hysterically after the last episode when we realized that the theme song is a massive pun, even though it should have been completely obvious.

Gave up on season 2 of attack on Titan weeks ago after it completely jumped the sharknado.

Royal Tutor is silly, but fun, and is turning out to have more plot than expected.

Been enjoying Kado, though it moves very slowly.

My Hero Academia is the best anime I’ve seen in a long time and I look forward to each week in anticipation, though I am ready for the hero games to be over.


What?!? Oh man, don’t tell me that. Season 1 was so good!


Out of the, I think 7, episodes we watched, two were really good (and were focused on character backstory). The rest were either same-old, same-old or wtf. What plot exists depended on everyone involved to be painfully stupid and meandered horribly with no clear idea where it was going, until it realized there was nowhere left to go and imploded.


[quote=“Rock8man, post:4345, topic:15138, full:true”]What?!? Oh man, don’t tell me that. Season 1 was so good!
I liked the part with the screaming.


Season 1 was good for… about half of it, I guess?

But to each their own.


Oh, I didn’t mean we didn’t like Unerased. Only that one of us wasn’t in the mood for it at all. Hence why we will come back to it.

With such an intriguing description, I’d be almost willful to give this too-popular-for-its-own-good thing a go!
“jumping the sharknado”… uh uh uh… excuse me…


Jumping the Sharknado…when jumping the shark just won’t suffice anymore.

Soon to be eclipsed by Jumping the Sharknado 2: Electric Sharkaloo


I watched through Samurai Champloo a month or so ago and I really liked it. The characters clicked for me I loved the interplay between them and the way the story meandered along.

I’ve been watching Berserk (original) and I’ve got just a couple episodes to go. I’ve only been able to find it on the Youtubes so the quality varies, the 720P vids look great but most are pretty sub par. Great story even though the dub manages to do no justice.

Attack on Titan- I’ll add my $.02, I enjoyed Season 1 up until about episode 7 or 8 where we get the first big “twist” I was like WTF and stopped watching. Then about the time the hype started for season 2 I decided to revisit. After a few episodes and things were explained more I became more curious and am up to the current episode on Hulu. I don’t know where things are going but I’m eager to learn more about the world. Things just keep opening up, or jumping the Sharknado I think it just depends on perspective ;-)

Where do you guys stream SAC? I’ve never watched any should I watch GiTS first?

I was watching JoJos Bizarre adventure on Toonami and I enjoyed what I saw but I fell behind and I don’t think I was able to find a service streaming it. That was the english dub and I also found JoJo’s voice pretty annoying.

I’m still watching Hunter Hunter weekly on Toonami. I LOVE that show, I don’t mind the dub at all either it’s pretty good (or just grown on me) the hard part is waiting each week for another episode. I’m pretty sure the sub version is on Hulu or Netflix but I’ve found once I’m used to the voices (either way, Eng or Jap) I have a hard time switching.


I’d suggest avoiding any exposition to the rest of the GITS material before or after: it all pales in comparison to the brilliance of the 2 SAC series, although I bet some Oshii fan will beg to differ! There is no real continuity or anything: it is a Masamune Shirow manga at its root (it means the original material doesn’t make much sense, and was just a mean to draw cool stuff - if you don’t know the author).

It’s available on Netflix here. Edit: seems it might only be here, not in the USA. The DVD boxes were dirt cheap before the True Digital Age, too.

Of note, if that is a concern to you, there are 2 dubbings of the first series in Japanese, the first one being sensibly superior to the redub (which was only prolly done because of some weird legal thing, I guess). The first dubbing might only be available through more or less shaddy means, or maybe in some country’s DVDs if lucky?

In Japanese, the dubbing is on fire. Hokuto no Ken levels. There are occasional fails, but overall it’s heartwarming to hear actors having this much fun.


We have been enjoying the Royal Tutor much more than anticipated (the princes are better characterized than I thought they would be). We like the laughter especially especially when they carry him around or when he got stuck in the space between the bed and the wall all night!!.

My Hero Academia continues to be great. Kado is losing its appeal but we will stick with it until the end.

My daughter and I are also enjoying Rage of Bahamut Virgin Soul and Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records (though I think the manga is much better explaining the MC’s thoughts on his tactics when he fights).

The King’s Avatar is something we also enjoy. We like the MC’s in your face/smirkyness to his old rivals (it is about a pro gamer that is forced into retirement that keeps playing in an MMO with a new character).


Yes! I forgot Rage of Bahamut. It’s a blast. Not familiar with the others.


Fairy Tale Season 1
Dragon Ball Z Season 1
Yu Yu Hakusho Season 1

are all free on 360/X1/Windows Store. I’m not familiar with any of those. Anything worth watchin’? I’m guessing Dragon Ball Z is not just based on glimpses I’ve seen on random TV channels many years ago.


I liked Yu Yu Hakusho at the very beginning, but it devolved into a DBZ fight of the week sort of thing. Haven’t watched much of Fairy Tale, but it’s quite popular. DBZ is…DBZ


All million-ep shonen stuff aimed at middle-schoolers, far as I know. YMMV whether that’s worth watching. For me it’s the sort of thing that would eat way too much time to bother even if they were interesting, and the odds on that seem poor.


Needed to share this:


Looks like an OGRE at first glance!


I’m watching Little Witch Academia on Netflix and it’s just lovely.