Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)


Got around to watching season 2. It’s…ok. The art is great, love the fight scenes, and I’m invested enough in the big mystery surrounding the Titans that each little new nugget of info is exciting. But…Eren is such an ass, we seem to have human-Titans coming out our ears now, and all the emotional angst pouring off just about every character gets really old. For about half the episodes in season 2, I wanted to just scream at them “shut up and get on with it!” I’m still watching because A) I want to see where they end up on the source of the Titans and B) I have friends watching who keep asking me when they can talk about it. But it’s a grind.


Thanks for the reminder. I’m about half-way through Hero Academia Season 2. Once I’m done with that, I should switch to Attack on Titan Season 2, since that’s on Hulu. Once my month of Hulu is up, I can look into Konosuba which is recommended above. I really liked Re:Zero, so more of that sort of thing sounds good to me.


Konosuba is fantastic, but it’s only similar to Re:Zero in the sense that the main character is a normal guy who ends up sent to a fantasy world. It’s 100% a comedy in that it parodies all the other series based on that concept (of which there are entirely too damn many) and generic fantasy things in general.


Another good recommendation, thanks! Sort of Monogatari (fighting unnatural creatures under the radar, similar character development, occasional weird visuals and perspective shifts) crossed with a civil-protection theme. No harem like in Monogatari, though, which is all to the good. Looks like the second half will be out later this year, going to have that on my to-view list.


OK, you guys convinced me to try it. After four episodes, I’m finding it to be decently entertaining but certainly I’d not call it great. I’d enjoy it a lot more if we didn’t have to put up with a masochist fighter and panty-stealing, which parody or not does absolutely nothing for me. But there’s enough other humor that I’m still laughing occasionally, particularly when there’s some outlandish gaming-trope parody. Still, enough other options that I doubt I’ll finish it.


This was a great little series. So short that it’s almost a movie, but really well crafted. Posted a bit about it here.


Just finished up Last Exile a couple of days ago and highly recommend it, but avoid if having a lot of things left unexplained will make you nuts.


Last Exile was pretty good. I also recommend.


Yeah, Last Exile has little interest in explaining itself (even when understanding its world is essential to following the plot), and by the last few episodes it dispenses with any pretense of logic whatsoever.

This is a series where people understand enough technology to build fleets of floating warships, yet can’t figure out how to distill water.


I got to the end of the episodes of Hero Academia only to discover … *gasp, that the season’s not over yet? Damn it. I hate it when that happens.

Oh well, good show, not bad. Nothing too special either.

On to Attack on Titan Season 2.


Which will make you cry wishing you were watching My Hero Academia.


My wife, enthusiastically, made me watch Tokyo Ghoul’s first season. Let’s say we don’t agree on that one!
Horrible. 11 episodes of basic anime to finally get to yet another exposé on the “Port Arthur and Pearl Harbor weren’t sneak attacks, we were only defending ourselves!” mentality. Plus Nietzschean regurgitations from an anxious teen.
She says the point is in season 2, but I am not sure I need to be convinced all that bullcrap served in the season finale was bullcrap: I am already sold on that.


Recently watched “Your Name”. Fun, whimsical movie.


A masterpiece in my opinion :)

There’s a thread about it on the movie forum.


Might be old news for some folks here but it’s the first I’d heard of these. The Production IG crime thriller looks particularly interesting to me.


That the one that’s supposed to have a sci-fi spin with the killer connected to some mysterious organization? The description evoked Witch Hunter Robin.


I got through Attack on Titan Season 2.

I’m amazed at how consistent it was with Season 1 in terms of both its qualities and its flaws. They really gave people like me who loved Season 1 more of that, while also keeping the minor annoyances and character quirks and things to nitpick. Overall I’d say if you liked Season 1, then big thumbs up on Season 2.

Hopefully there won’t be as huge a gap between seasons this time.

I just love this show’s ability to make you laugh at the image of someone gobbled up by a titan, and at other times horrify you with the images of someone being gobbled up by a titan. The opening music was great, and the closing sequence is sooooo good, even on the weaker episodes I would highly anticipate the ending just so that I can see the credits. Such a great show.


That’s surprising to me, since I really loved the first season and my whole family quit watching the second halfway through because we all thought it was a train wreck. (Don’t mean to harp on this but it came up in a couple of threads). But hey, glad you enjoyed it so much.


Pretty much same feeling as @Rock8man on Attack on Titans - the strengths and flaws of the whole series were pretty consistent between season 1 and 2. There’s pacing issues, and the exaggerated responses, and the screaming, but when it’s good it’s very good.

Also saw announcement of Persona 5 the Animation, which was inevitable. I expect to watch it and be disappointed as usual.


I started watching this yesterday. 3 Episodes in, it’s pretty amusing. I love the idea of this basically disfunctional party going on adventures together. Assuming that will ever happen of course, which is not a safe assumption given how slow things are moving.