Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)


Yeah, that’s the one. I’ve heard some of the band’s other songs and it absolutely wasn’t needed. It is strictly for effect.


Hulu is recommending an anime called “Black Clover” to me, based on me watching My Hero Academia. I searched for it in this thread but no one has mentioned it. Anyone seen it?


I started to watch it and stopped. Reminds me a bit of Naruto (one of the main characters at least). I may pick it up again when I do not have anything else to watch. It was ok for the 5 episodes i put in.


I found this reference in Kotaku’s State of Anime in 2017 article:


Black Clover’s protagonist literally screams every line. At least it feels that way. But to make up for that, he’s also an idiot.


Heads up re: anime humble bundle last week, the HIDIVE month keys are expiring in a few hours.

Anyone have a recommendation from their horror or scifi shows?


Argevollen is kind of an interesting take on the usual mecha series in that the world is fairly grounded by anime standards (tanks are still used on the battlefield to great effect, logistics are a factor, there are only a few super mechs in the world and they were developed at absurd R&D and maintenance costs, etc.) but it’s a hard show to recommend because it still has its fair share of modern anime ridiculousness that will often put people off.

I’d normally suggest Legend of the Galactic Heroes, but that would be impractical to finish on a monthly trial since it’s 110 episodes.

Majestic Prince was all right even though I’m not a mecha fan, but they don’t seem to have the extra episodes or the conclusion movie so that’s a non-starter.

I’ve heard great things about Patlabor but can’t recommend it from personal experience.

Anything else I saw on their list under the umbrella of traditional sci-fi or horror I either haven’t seen or would not recommend.


Anybody used Hidive?

They have some stuff that looks fun, like the original Gatchaman.

As for recs:
The Big O
Space Brothers

For horror, I haven’t seen it, but heard good things about Parasyte


Parasyte is very good; not for children.


For Sci-Fi Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199 remake is very good. Parasyte is good sci-fi horror. Devilman Crybaby certainly qualifies as horror of a sort and is very good (even less for kids than Parasite). Paranoia Agent is excellent and qualifies as horror I think.


I can’t comprehend those four words in the same sentence. But to each their own. Hadn’t noticed 2199 on there, but yes, it’s great.


Oh I missed the Hidive bit.


There is a Parasite anime?
The manga is one of my favorite. I wouldn’t qualify it as horror. It is a pretty classical philosophical tale.


Parasyte was very good, Paranoia Agent was too. They are very different though.


Since I have Hulu for another month, I decided to get some Kotaku recommendations on anime and check out the ones listed on Hulu (this is something very nice that Kotaku does, they tell you which platform something is on when they recommend it).

Of the ones I added, only one was expiring at the end of June, so I checked it out first:

FlipFlappers. I almost didn’t continue watching this, since the first two episodes didn’t do much for me. But episodes 3 and 4 finally drew me in, and episodes 5 and 6 were really good. I’m on Episode 9 or 10 now, and thought it never got as good as 5 and 6 again, I’m still enjoying it. I don’t know if I would recommend the show or not. It’s a weird one. Every episode has the protagonists doing something completely different in an alternate reality world that they visit to collect crystals. So some episodes can be an action adventure, others a psychological mind-fuck.


I’ve been on a bit of a giant robot gaming kick lately, between Into the Breach and Battletech, and it occurred to me that the mecha genre is a glaring omission in my (admittedly quite limited) anime experience.

So please help rectify that – if I were to check out a mecha series or two, where should I start?

My preference would be to use the Netflix, Hulu, or Prime Video services I’m already paying for, but not to the point of being willing to waste time on mediocrities if they don’t have the good stuff. None of them turned up much with a search for “mecha”, but here are the series with giant robots on the covers that I noted in a quick scan through them: Expelled from Paradise, Gargantia, Aldnoah Zero, Kuromukuro, Robotech, and RahXephon. Are any of those particularly great?



Iron Blooded Orphans (not sure if it is on those streaming services)


It’s been many years, but I really enjoyed RahXephon at the time. Thought it was a lot like a more coherent, less whiny Evangelion.


Well considering Battletech ripped off a lot of its early mechs from Robotech, or more accurately Macross you may want to watch that and may want to go with Macross and Mospeada. Robotech is an Americanized rewrite of three different animes mashed together to tell one story (Macross, MOSPEADA, and Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross). The original Macross and MOSPEADA are on Prime not sure about Southern Cross, in addition to Robotech.

Gargantia is good, but…there’s really not that much mecha action in it.

Aldnoah starts well but falls apart, first 3 or 4 episodes might be worth checking out for the combat stuff.

Also on Amazon is Broken Blade aka Break Blade which I think might be your best bet. It’s mechs powered by magic but it might actually come closest to Battletech with warring kingdoms as the standin for clans.

Also there’s Gurran Lagan, but that’s more Super Robot and it GOES places.


I watched a bunch of Macross a while back, if you’d like some thoughts on those before picking one.