Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)


Fail, has no running.


While we’re on this subject, this is an oldie but goodie:


Interested in some symphonic metal versions of Attack on Titan songs? Of course you are. From over in the Metal thread:


Anyone watched the Netflix Godzilla movies? The second one is out now and I’m curious.


Attack on Titan: Season 3 started this last weekend.

Season 2 kind of went off the rails a bit and was “Ooops, all Titans” , but I felt that the storyline worked its way back around by the end, and started to make a bit more sense as to what is happening.

Now season 3 begins with a particularly brutal ending, and we have steampunk gun people using the vertical maneuvering equipment too.

They lost me for a bit there, but I am excited to see where the story progresses from here.


Yup, and after they spent 4+ episodes looking for a hole that didn’t exist, every member of the cast became too stupid to live (I mean, seriously, how many different times did they acknowledge how strange it was that there were fewer titans out by the wall?), and then two characters revealed themselves for no goddamned reason whatsoever, I’d had enough.


Attack on Titan works well for me when I watch it all in one go. The action, angst, screaming, twists all work better when they come right on top of one another when you’re binge-watching the whole season together. So I’ll wait for this season to finish airing.


So, I watched the K Project. It was on Hulu and I’m still subscribed via the “add a dollar to your Spotify subscription” plan, so I figured why not? Well…it’s mediocre, that’s why not. Lots of pretty visuals interrupted by random panty shots. Complex story with huge chunks of backstory never explained. Important themes like abuse of power and order vs anarchy brought up but then used only as an excuse for fighting, not explored in any depth. I didn’t hate it, but I’m pretty sure I could have found better things to watch.


So is it allowable to ask about how to find out where one finds get dubbed versions of anime? Do I have to subscribe to a new service? I don’t watch a ton of anime, but the ones I have seen often seem to have better translations when dubbed…maybe just because it’s harder to read the half-competent English the translators come up with without making changes.

I’m currently watching Attack on Titan (which Netflix apparently only has subtitled), and really digging it, but the dialog is often pretty stilted and unnatural. Wondering if the dubbed version comes off better. I switched to dubbed Death Note when I was watching that and was much happier with that version.

EDIT: Sorry…didn’t mean to reply directly to you, Jon Rowe…it was meant as a general question!



I prefer subs most of the time, because it is usually how I first saw the show. But there are places to stream a lot of dubs.

Funimation has a lot of dubs, Hulu has dubs of Attack on Titan (I believe) and My Hero Academia

the VRV service includes both Funimation and Crunchyroll.

It can take a bit of digging, but you can find english dubs online

Sounds like Hulu has the english dubs for Attack on Titan.


If you really want dubbed (and ew), Crunchyroll will typically also offer the dub if there is one, and I believe the various anime importers may also be an option. Certainly Funimation is - and if you subscribe to VRV you get their dubs as well as premium Crunchyroll (though you have to go to the main Crunchyroll site for their dubs, that feed on VRV is all subbed).


Watched the first Godzilla movie last night. It was OK - pretty decent in parts, actually. But it’s got that Japanese animation style where it’s 3D models but mostly flat-shaded to look like traditional 2D, which I find really offputting unless it’s done very well. The premise is interesting enough (for a Godzilla flick, anyway) but the second half is fairly bog standard silly action. I’ll probably watch the second one at some point but I’m not in any particular rush.


Yeah, I checked out VRV awhile back…it seemed interesting, but a little pricey for a niche interest, even with the Shudder channel thrown in (which is a nice side benefit, I’ll admit).

I didn’t realize, though, how much anime is on Hulu. I was already toying with the idea of getting that Spotify/Hulu bundle. I’m definitely going to jump on that now.

Thanks guys!


I think VRV is a great value, personally. I wouldn’t be interested enough in Crunchyroll, Mubi, Shudder or a Stargate only streaming service (as was pitched at one point) by themselves to sub to any of them, but with all of the above plus various other stuff (they just added Killjoys, which I was curious about, and have Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, which I was really enjoying until Netflix dropped it) for $10? Sure.


Yeah, the problem is they haven’t made a way to convert from Crunchyroll to VRV. And Crunchyroll auto renews. So, I won’t even think about VRV until November. I noticed the MST3K channel is gone. This reminded me to go change my crunchyroll membership so it doesn’t auto renew.


And Yahoo View has a decent anime selection (including Attack on Titan).


Oh cool, didn’t know Yahoo even did streaming. Hopefully that’s free with ads? Because I’ve already exceeded the number of services I’m willing to subscribe to.


Yahoo View is basically the ad-filled free version of Hulu. So if Hulu has something, Yahoo View will have it as well.


Yahoo View has a lot, but not everything. Some good stuff went subscription-only when they split the services.


The series to best pull out that style of animation is Knights of Sidonia, I think. All the characters are done that way.