Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)


There’s a movie in production, but it’s not far enough along to have a release date.


In terms of netflix anime, I was pretty disappointed by the Blame! movie. They just needed to nail the mood and the setting, but it was so bland.


I just wanted to say that I still love this thread. It keeps on giving and giving. Thank you all for contributing!

Carry on!


I’m five or six episodes into One Punch Man on Netflix. The praise in this thread for the show was well warranted. It’s very amusing.


Well, I actually watched two older anime movies I never had the chance to watch.

First was The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (時をかける少女 / Toki wo Kakeru Shōjo). I loved it. The more I think about the movie, the more I like it. And it got me interested in what else Mamoru Hosoda has done / will do, which means I’m now intrigued about Mirai No Mirai (未来のミライ), which should be out in the US in November. I don’t know if or when I’ll get to watch that one, but I’ll certainly try.

Second was A Silent Voice (聲の形 / Koe no Katachi). What got me interested at first was the fact that it’s a KyoAni production, and considering how much I loved Violet Evergarden, I just had to see what it was about. And I think it’s a great movie. It’s painful to watch, though, at least for me - it is a lot more “raw” than I expected. I think it’s well worth watching for a lot of reasons, because this is a case of “being painful because it matters”. And it’s also beautiful, in more ways than one.

I’m also glad to see that my (limited) Japanese studies are paying off, because I could actually understand a lot if what was said in those two movies. Granted, it’s nowhere near to understanding it all without needing subtitles (yet), but it was enough to catch a couple mistakes in the subtitles and even get some dialogs without the need for subtitles at all.

As for series, Dragon Pilot : Hisone and Masotan (ひそねとまそたん / Hisone to Masotan) just showed up on Netflix, so I might try watching it. There’s a lot there I haven’t watched yet, and my time is short, so who knows.


If your time is short, then I might mildly caution away from that one. I found the ending to be a complete dud, failing to deliver on any of the show’s early strengths. While the cast is generally amusing and the training and worldbuilding is reasonably good, it cannot follow through on much of it. You could probably do better (but could definitely do worse, on the other hand).


Got it. I don’t think I’d start it before I finished Sword Art Online anyway, and I have other stuff in the backlog to watch - things like Full Metal Alchemist and B The Beginning - so I guess I’ll just let it sit there on my “watch later” list for a while. Thanks!


B the Beginning is awesome (big recommend for fans of witch hunter robin or psycho-pass), as is Children of the Whales.


I think I remember you are a father?

If so, go watch Wolf Children right away. It’s a masterpiece (I liked The Girl Who Leaped Through Time a Lot, but this one is soooooo much more moving). And if you have kids, well, it hits even harder. It’s really beautiful, just watch it.


I am, yes.

I just did and you’re right. It’s beautiful, even more so for parents. The feelings displayed in the movie… I know some of them well. And I dread others I don’t know yet.

But… 大丈夫。It will be alright. ;)


Hanebado - another forgettable anime, in the end.

Banana Fish . I’m watching the 11th episode right now, and I’m thinking of dropping it already. In reality I lost interest some episodes ago. I dislike MC’s treatment in the narrative.
-He is so pretty, everyone wants to fuck him.
-Look at him, he is so badass! No one can stand against him.
-He has a sooo tragic past, pity him.
-He is like a wild animal, untameable, always looking for freedom and always dangerous. Rawr.
-He is so smart, too!
-He is like a king for his gang, they love him and fear him. He is so charismatic, despite being so young.
-He is so much a bad body, but still has a vulnerable core and will risk everything for the people he loves. Ohh.


And the bad guys reached the eeeevil twisting mustache level of of bad guys, which is also a minus.


So there’s a series on Netflix called “Last Hope”.

It’s essentially Evangelion mixed with cowboy Bebop. Part of this is the plot, part if it is the characters and the fact they have the same voice actors… Especially Jet.

Anyway, it’s not bad. However, there’s one aspect I find hilarious.

There’s this one character that they call princess, who is basically mayor of the city. She’s pretty serious, and actually similar to Ikari in her general lack of emotion most of the time.

But, so, she’s got huge… Tracts of land, if you know what i mean. There’s nothing about her character that really involves this. It’s never mentioned at all.

But there are multiple times where the “camera” is just staring at her chest. Like, it’s filling the entire frame. The only thing on the screen. For like, a minute, while the characters talk about stuff.

Had anyone seen this? It’s weird, right?


I’ve seen some of that. The very first shot of the character is literally her boobs bouncing around as she is being driven around in an APC.

Could be worse, the latest Fate/Whatchamacallit from what I saw was basically based on the idea that the Sabre character wasn’t young, slutty or naked enough in any of the previous incarnations, and they aimed to fix that all in the first episode.


So far, looks like That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is the show to watch for the fall season. If compelled to describe it as a cross between two things, I’d go with Overlord meets Konosuba.


Japanese or English? Japanese VA died earlier this year, which is a bummer.


Decided to finally get One Punch Man off my to-watch list. The premise is great and there’s some really funny bits, but there’s a lot of downtime in between. Silly excessive fights, mostly. Which I realize is probably part of the appeal for some, but just bored me. Still, I just put it on in the background while I played games and looked up when something amusing happened, and that worked just fine. Doubt I’d watch more if they made it, though.


How you could ever dislike a show that includes the greatest hero of all time,

Metal Bat,

is beyond me.

I would like some recommendations as well. I am currently enjoying Golden Kamuy right now, but I could be watching more.

I will have to check out “reincarnated as a slime”. I have been wanting to get back into some new shows.


I’d like to throw Mumen Rider in as the best character of all time. His fight against deep sea king was…a thing of legends.


Yeah, the Mumen Rider is epically under equipped for battle, which makes him awesome.


Dammit if Iron Blooded Orphans isn’t turning out to be my all-time favorite non UC timeline series.

It’s up on Youtube legally and for free (and a number of languages), so if you haven’t given it a try, there’s literally no reason not to.

Once I’m done I’ll be checking out Thunderbolt.