Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)


Look, I’m not saying you’re dead inside… but I’m certainly thinking it loudly.


“Part of the appeal” and “Part of the joke” are similar, but not quite the same.


IBO is fantastic. Only gundam series I’ve ever watched.


You said it. OPM is tremendous.

Is season 2 out in English Dubbed form yet?


Castelvania is good, for what it is (is not anime).


Thunderbolt is middling.

Origins is really good, though!


I a watching “You lie in April” just because I am bored and theres not much else in Netflix. Is mediocre but not terrible to watch*. I have seen much better music-based animes before, and this one pale in comparison.

Is like superpredictable from the setup of characters and maybe even before. Or maybe is my fault for being genre-aware.

* I am painfully aware that that describe the entire netflix catalog…


Doesn’t look like the dub is up on Youtube.

I just finished the series today.


I am watching a anime where the protagonist is a slime.

nothing bad, nothing wrong, but entertaining.


You guys probably already heard since it’s been making the rounds on the newsfeeds this morning that Netflix has gotten the rights to Neon Genesis Evangelion.

I’m honestly pretty excited about watching the whole thing again. During my first run through it, a friend of mine kept assuring us new watchers that “don’t worry, everything will be explained by the end of the series, so if you have any questions, or don’t understand something that happened in a particular episode, just keep watching, everything will be explained eventually”. And that lie just kept us going and going and only burst our experience at the very end.

In that link above, I love their description of the series:


I hadn’t seen mention of the Gonzo show, 7 Seeds. That looks really good.


Yeah, for all its faults this is my favorite anime.

From the trailer (which doesn’t use the amazing score from the show, for some reason) it does look like some sort of HD transfer was done, and they left it 4:3.

Anyway very excited to watch this, as the 400$ 2004 box set I have does not have the best digital transfer on it, with lots of judder. (Yes, that boxset is like 400$ used, because this show went into licensing hell once ADV dissolved)

I was wondering if I should sell my DVD’s while the gettin’ is good?


On a side note, I’d been waiting to watch Yamato 2202 until my kids were home at Christmas and it has now been pulled from Crunchyroll. Doesn’t appear to be on a Funimation Now either…


It’s there under Star Blazers.


Yeah…in English…


Sorry, that’s on me. I didn’t even check that.

Not sure if Funimation has actually gotten any of their subbed Japanese audio stuff back together on their service as of yet, now that I put more than a few seconds of thought into it. Part of why I ditched my subscription to them a year ago when all their subbed material was on Crunchyroll anyway.


Well, it would hopefully be better than nothing


I recognize the influential role Evangelion holds, but I’ve long felt the much less widely celebrated series RahXephon hits nearly every note Eva does but, like…it answers questions, explains things, is narratively coherent, has likable characters, and is just generally massively more satisfying in my book.

It’s not on Netflix, but it is on Hi-Dive and thus now VRV. I’d highly recommend it over an Eva rewatch, myself.


Cool. I’ve never heard of it. I’ll google Hi-Dive and VRV later.

Edit: Googled.

Cool, Hi-Dive is available on Xbox One! So I don’t have to mess around with my phone and chromecast.

Also cool, looks like VRV is a service that has both Crunchyroll and Hi-Dive as channels, and has a 30 day free trial (and is also on Xbox One!)


Not to mention Shudder, Geek and Sundry, and a couple things with old Nickelodeon and other cartoons. Main downsides, IMO, are that (on the web version) videos autoplay, and it’s not available in most non-US regions.