Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)


VRV is by Ellation, the same company that owns Crunchyroll. They added Hi-Dive after Funimation flew the coop.

Just signed up for VRV premium after my Crunchyroll membership expired. Watched the first episode of Gatchaman today while doing cardio.

And Boomerang, @malkav11


That’s one of the cartoon things I was talking about. I don’t know how many people would know what it is though. :)


If they think about it, I’m sure it’ll come back to them.


HiDive has some cool older shows in their library like Patlabor and the original Legend of Galactic Heroes. I was considering a sub once they produced a Roku app, so them getting added to VRV which I already have and which has had a Roku app for a while was a nice consolation prize to losing Funimation.


Just finished watching Another last night after seeing it on a recommendation list. I’m not really sure I’d recommend it, though. It’s just so uneven. It has a lot of atmosphere early on, but a lot of the spookiness fades after you learn what’s really going on with those things. Then it finally tells you the actual premise of the show, and that’s really kind of a cool, eerie idea that they riff on pretty well for the next…five? episodes or so. And then it abruptly derails spectacularly into a laughably unprompted and frenetic bloodbath before wrapping up with a couple of basically completely left-field reveals and a brief epilogue.


New Ghost in the Shell SAC:2045 is coming to Netflix in 2020. I’m not sure if the people involved should have me excited for more SAC or ready for disappointment. The two seasons of SAC rank very high on my favorite anime of all time, and are my favorite part of the entire GitS franchise.

In particular I’m not sure how I feel about 3DCG - I’m not sure I can feel the love there compared to a movie like Your Name or One Punch Man, both of which have so many fine and subtle touches and feel like labors of love.


I’m finally getting around to this. Five episodes in, I’m really enjoying it so far.


I actually didn’t know VRV added Hi-Dive, so I’ll have to check out their library later. My girlfriend got a couple of months’ worth of credit added to her account (presumably because of the Funimation stuff being pulled; while I watch other stuff on there, her primary use for the service was watching dubs of new series, particularly My Hero Academia), so we’ve got it for free for a bit, and it’ll be nice if she can find enough stuff that interests her to keep her sub active after that.


It seems to skew heavily towards older, 70s-90s anime, with some random newer stuff. Much of the latter of which is dubbed because I think they’re intended to try to fill some of the gap Funimation left.


And FYI, Funimation announced a deal with Hulu this week.


Yeah, but there’s a lot of cool older stuff in there, like the Patlabor TV series and movies, all of the original Legend of Galactic Heroes, Armored Trooper Votoms, etc.


Speaking of older content on hi-dive, I made the horrifying discovery yesterday that Gatchaman has an English dub. And no, I don’t mean Battle fo the Planets. It was like staring into the Eye of Sauron.


For sure. I am most excited about Legend of Galactic Heroes.


LoGH is absolutely worth the time and is likely the best thing Hidive has to offer.


Funimation on Hulu is great news too - I signed up for their dollar-a-month Black Friday deal, so I’ve got them for the next year.


Will add it to my list, along with Rahxephon. Not sure how long I will stick with Gatchaman.


I liked RahXephon (apart from a few seriously problematic episodes), but I never watched Neon Genesis Evangelion back in the day. I gather RX is close in some respects to being NGE fanfiction, or at least it’s “in conversation”, so I’ll be interested to watch NGE for the first time soon…


They have striking similarities, and NGE predates RahXephon, so, yeah. I think RahXephon is a meaningful improvement though.


So, if I’m building a list of stuff to watch if I get a subscription to VRV at some point, I should watch:

Legend of Galactic Heroes
Armored Trooper Votoms

Is what I got from this thread so far. Is that right? All four are good stuff worth watching?


All those are just on one channel, hi-dive. I simply started on VRV after my crunchyroll sub ran out, though these days, it looks like crunchyroll premium gets you VRV premium, which was not the case originally.