Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)


Alright then, adding Crunchyroll stuff that I know about:

Food Wars Third Plate Second half (Episodes 13-24)
KONOSUBA (Season 2!)
Attack on Titan (Season 3)

Edited to add Attack on Titan


Still watching Slime. Continue to be very chill, comfortable, cool anime. Can’t believe I have to wait a entire week to watch the next episode.


Legend of the galactic Heroes (original OVAs, all 100+ of them) is fantastic (although it has aged). One of my favorite space operas.

The new one will be good once they actually adapt most of the books. Until it’s for certain the adaptation will reach all the main story arcs, is probably not worth it.

Votoms has aged a lot, but it has a lot of really good stuff in there.


I have watched Legend of the galactic heroes a few times. And It have not aged for me.
It have space battles with many small ships firing lasers, and the lasers behave like lases. And I think thats a more than reasonable idea of space battles.


The Earth Cult and the space axes are quite silly.

But it’s mostly a technical/pacing/animation style aging I was talking about. I love the series.


Yea the Earth Cult and the neutral country feel somewhat from a different anime And the use of blade in combat is very Eh!


The first 15 episodes of Gurren Lagann were pretty good. I notice the next episode is a recap episode, so it’s a good stopping point for me, since this is the last day of my Netflix subscription anyway. Next time I get Netflix, I can start with the recap episode.


That slime one looked interesting. But there are so many losers in a PC game these days. One about a liche, one about a devil and one about a slime. Why?


“Stranger finds new land” is a good setup to have a story with a lot of exposition.

Plato narration of the Atlantis, or Jonathan Swift Gulliver’s Travels are examples of that.

You get the reactions of the traveler to the new world. You get the reactions of the natives to “new” customs that can be ours customs. So it allow the analysis of our own customs, and the analysis of new customs invented by the author.

MMORPG player in a new world is even better, because is something people already do in their life. People play RPG games. People is already traveling to new worlds with new rules. Somebody writing about that is just adding a bit more fantasy to something that is happening around us.

Video is about Goblin Slayer. Is not Slime related.



Eh? The reincarnated as a slime guy isn’t stuck in a game. He got reincarnated in a generic fantasy world. It’s more like Konosuba in that regard.

As for why there’s so many of them, it’s because this genre is really popular, and MMOs are really popular, and Japan pumps out a lot of anime, most of it very derivative.


What, with the special abilities, the naming thing. It’s a game.


What, are you trying to say, is this. Even english?


The characters get special upgrades when named. Promotions if you will. It’s a weird naming thing.

It’s odd rules seem like something you would see in a game, not in a fantastic world.


Or y’know, like you’d see in a Japanese interpretation of a stereotypical D&D high fantasy world. Yes, it’s a bit gamey, but so is a whole hell of a lot of anime that’s also not literally set in a game world. Different cultures, deal with it.

What’s most bizarre is that you’re fixating on the name thing, which actually has legit occult background (“names have power” and all that) and not the very rather gamey fact that he acquires named powerups whenever he consumes a monster.


Is heavily implied is a game world ( nobody has names, except “named creatures”. Named creatures is a game concept ). Anyway is never said directly that is a game world so all interpretations are ok.


So, though much delayed, I finally watched the movie that @marquac and @rhamorim were raving about earlier.

Your Name is, as promesed, beautifully animated. And, knowing little to nothing about the story, I found it quite enjoyable. An interesting premise that is not used as the vehicle for cheap jokes it could have been, and the mid movie twist was exceedingly well done.


Oh, good! Glad you enjoyed it. I also like other movies by the same director (Makoto Shinkai). Your Name is a more “western-friendly” movie, but I like his other, more slower-paced movies even more. Garden of Words is probably his most beautiful movie in terms of animation, and it’s definitely worth watching. And 5 Centimeters per Second is probably my favorite Makoto Shinkai movie so far.

As a side note, Makoto Shinkai’s next movie has been announced this week. It’s called “Weathering With You” (天気の子/tenki no ko) and it will be released in Japan on July 19, 2019. As far as I know, there’s no word about a western release yet.


I’ll definitely look into those at a later time. I’ll be traveling the next two weeks so it’s unlikely that’ll happen in 2018.

But thank you for your enthusiasm, it’s the reason I watched it, and I definitely consider it well spent time.


It’s one of the rare anime films where it actually has it’s own thread too.