Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)


I have the Gundam the Origin manga so it was threw me for a loop hearing you say they should remake the first series when the manga starts with Side 7 getting attacked. I guess they really wanted to adapt Char’s past which is basically volume 5 of the manga series I have.


Yes, the anime is just Char’s (Casval’s) backstory (with some other backstory thrown in, specially a more compelling portrait of Amuro as a teenager that is more believable). The attack on side 7 is not shown.

It’s a prequel to the original. A good one.

All fundan I know is anime based (but I have seen pretty much anything set in the U.C.). Are the manga worthwhile?


The Origin manga is quite good. Gundam Thunderbolt is pretty enjoyable as well.

I found most of the others pretty forgettable although Crossbone Gundam is notable for the fact that it continues the rest of the F91 story (the movie was supposed to be a pilot for a TV series that never happened)


I finished Planetes yesterday. As promised, this is a great series. It starts off as a slice of life, but morphs into something else, and then morphs into something else. And not many stories can pull that off and not leave the viewer disappointed. It’s done really well.

My only real complaint is that there was absolutely no need for Episode 26. Episode 25 was the perfect ending, so I had to debate with myself for a couple of hours if I even wanted to watch one more episode. In the end I chose to, and it didn’t add anything to the series, it only took away, I thought, by being an epilogue that didn’t add anything and diluted my memory of the show a little.

Summary: Recommended. But stop after Episode 25.


Overlord season 3 has been over for a while, so obviously I’ve been in no rush, but I’m finally watching it and it’s very much the same as the first two seasons. Which is largely good, or else I wouldn’t be bothering. Watching this show reminds me of going through a RPG main quest on easy difficulty - exploring a world with a somewhat ridiculously overpowered set of characters, ranging from one-on-one encounters to impacting the fate of nations. Grit your teeth through the NPC girls fawning over “Lord Ainz”, and the rest is a pretty fun story.