Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)


RT is included with VRV as well, for subscribers of that.


Good point! $10 for more channels is a good deal


Back Street Girls Gokuidols is the most ridiculous, weird, absurd and nearly offensive things I’ve seen but i can’t stop watching it.


I watched the preview, and got that weird feeling of watching somebody else’s fetish.


That’s the shortest best definition of Anime I have ever read.




It’s been a while since I had Hulu, and one of the first things it told me is that there are a bunch of Hero: Academia episodes waiting for me.

Yay! More exams. I got through the first set of episodes where only the first 100 people to finish the exam go through, now I’m on the next part.

The new intro music is going to get some getting used to. It’s not the same kind of tempo at all. I miss the old music!


I’ve watched the first few episodes of Mix: Meisei Story, which is a sequel of sorts to Adachi Mitsuru’s Touch.

I’m liking it a lot more than I thought it would - it scratches that sports anime itch that I forgot I had.


I noticed Attack on Titan Season 3 is on Hulu, but this time there’s only a Sub version, no Dub. I just looked it up, Funimation started airing the dubbed version in August 2018 apparently. I wonder when that will make its way to Hulu? And also the second half of Season 3 is supposed to start in April (right now?) for the Subtitles version.


Funimation split from Crunchyroll to do their own thing last year, so they may not stick with their stuff on other services either. Then again, there are definitely shows (not just anime but in general) and movies that I have seen on Hulu as well as some other service so maybe they aren’t as exclusive? idk.


I started watching the new Season of One Punch Man on Hulu, and I probably shouldn’t have. Damn it, it’s still a very funny show. I love it. But I hate waiting a whole week for a new episode.


Oh One Punch Man is out? I am in the same boat as you, now I don’t know whether I am happy you mentioned it or irritated that now I know but probably shouldn’t start watching yet.


Yeah loving One Punch Man season 2. Was cracking up at how episode 3 ended.

I finished up Mob Psycho and Boogiepop, loved both of them. Dororo is still pretty fantastic as well.