Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)

Episode 9.

Ah yes, the one where the commentators were for once spot on. It’s a show that fully grasps that when your premise is silly, you just have to fully go for it.

(And the theme song is an unironic banger)

I’m not a Mecha guy, but I’ve been considering checking out Bravern, as I like genre-bending things like the core premise, and my understanding is that it goes wild as it progresses.

Otherwise, I watched Hell’s Paradise because I wanted to watch something with swords in it. It’s very much of a piece with the other gory demon-huntings shows of late, either as Tokugawa-era Chainsaw Man, or maybe Demon Slayer with a Pan-Asian Cultural milieu instead of Meiji Japan. But, I really like it. The sort of Confucian / Taoist mishmash is pretty novel, and weirdly true-to-life with how various cultural practices merged and mutated as they spread throughout Southeast Asia. It’s got some great psychosexual energy, and has some kind of interesting Southern Reach / Annilhilation vibes. I’m also a sucker for just petty demigod bickering.

Tried this a few minutes, I suggest Japanese audio. The English audio is flat.

Talking about Bravern?

Hell’s Paradise.

I also started Sengoku Youko, which seems like a pretty standard (but well made) magic and swords adventure. People always talk about whether Avatar counts as an anime, but in a charming irony, Sengoku Youko is serving pretty strong Avatar vibes. It has:

  • Childlike idealist in yellow
  • Useless sword guy
  • Super cool rock girl

And they’re more or less wandering around helping villages while on the run from a succession of powerful weirdos.

Later in the season, it even has swordsman’s dead girlfriend.

It does the modern “prestige” Shonen thing where it teases that it may be leading to a little more of a philosophical exploration of like “what is strength”, “what makes a man”, “what do we live for”, etc. Not to trivialize that, but that does seem sort of de rigeur these days, and at the moment, its still mostly monsters hitting other monsters with flaming punches. It’s good fun though.

To my surprise, it seems Delicious Dungeon continues, I thought it would be the typical 12-13 episodes series, but no, it will have 24 eps in total.

For the new season, I will continue with it, and watch Konosuba season 3, the new season of Kimetsu no Yaiba (but honestly I may wait until it’s all released), and for the new stuff, I will try Sentai Daishikkaku, I have read the premise and potentially it sounds like The Boys but with Power Rangers. I will put an eye on the reviews and opinions of Kaijuu 8, although because I know it’s from shonen Jump and it’s still continuing the manga, I’m not interested at first because I know it won’t finish for now.

Delicious in Dungeon has grown on me a bit as the emphasis has shifted at least a bit towards the ecosystem of the dungeon, and it’s less about a very hairy Julia Child cooking up unlikely ingredients in a magic (bowl/wok/pan).

The last three episodes have been really good, and it’s clearly transitioning from a comedy fantasy/slice of life story to something else, as the story is starting to focus more on the mystery of the dungeon and the ‘mad sorcerer’.

I was startled by how gory and gross Red Dragon I and II got. It’s like, oh yeah, if you’re looking for someone who got eaten by a dragon, you’re going to have to do some real gnarly excavating.

Apocalypse Apothecary Diaries, Dungeon Delicious, Frieren are the 3 best animes recently.

I was pleasantly surprised that all of them ran past 12 episodes. I guess I’ve been too used to half season breaks.

Also very surprised Frieren is so good. I thought it was going to be very generic and boring. Then episode 2 is sad. Then autistic elf starts being funny. Then you see the range of the anime.

Do you mean The Apothecary Diaries?

I’m a little gunshy about trying that one after Ascendance of a Bookworm started out so well, but then settled in to be a long epic that feels like it will never be finished.

Oops… Apothecary, yes. It’s made for adults. Good stuff.

I watched the first episode of Wind Breaker a delinquent genre. I haven’t watched one of those in a while. I enjoyed my time with it and will watch a few more episodes to see how it plays out.

Go! Go! Loser Ranger! first episode was good. It explained correctly the novel premise, it made the audience want for the MC to succeed in his almost impossible quest and turn the tables on his enemies, it has some good details about the setting (you can see how the event is being commercialized, with ads with rangers and everything), it had some silly but funny humor at times and the animation and designs were good. Of course now that the premise has been shown on the first episode, what it remains is the hard part, the execution on the rest. Right now I don’t even know what paths the story will take, if a more serious and gritty one, or a humorous one with the protagonist failing? Dunno.

Where did you watch, Go! Go! Loser Ranger! (Sentai Daishikkaku)?

Disney+/Hulu , depending on your country.

She’s now getting attention in India too.

Jesus, it isn’t that revolutionary take on fantasy.