Anki Drive

Has anyone picked up this system yet?

I’m seriously considering this as a Christmas gift for my nephew and brother-in-law, but was hoping for some informed opinions. A cursory search came up with few reviews, but this one from Time is pretty good. Recharging every couple of games shouldn’t be that onerous. I would be more concerned about battery-life long long-term. Are the batteries replacable, or would you need to replace the entier $70 car and lose your upgrades?

Wait, weaponry?

Yep — Anki may describe what you’re doing “racing,” but in the primary game mode, you don’t win by lapping the other cars. Instead, you score points by shooting at them.

Where the hell was this when I was a kid?

I had the prehistoric counterpart: slot racers. I will never forget the hours of fun I had assembling tracks, sticking those little plastic clips in to hold the tracks together, and having to redo the track when that one angle just wouldn’t fit (or it would keep breaking the clip).

But honestly, that was a lot of fun. And this looks pretty awesome too.

Loved slot cars when I was a kid, pointless as they were. This is the nice adult pay through the nose version (seriously, $200 buy-in for 2 cars, $70 for each after that, AND an iPhone for each? Good lord).

In all fairness, anyone who is going to pony up for this is more than likely to have at least 1 IOS device laying about, so I don’t think that’s much of a barrier. I’m tempted, but I’ve finally reached that stage in my life where I question whether i really need something, and for the most part it sticks (except when in comes to IOS devices, unfortunately).

The new Anki Overdrive is now out.

I’ve been racing with my 9 year old for about a year now with the original. The only problem has been finding space on the floor and also keeping the dogs out of the room while we are playing. Also, one of the cars had an issue staying on the track…didnt matte what I did, it always had issues. But, I bought a few more and so we were set.

Just ordered the Overdrive version. A little reluctant as I have not seen it in person so I’m not sure how well it will work having to attach track pieces together with the seams and all but I assume they’ve perfected it. Will be fun to buy some extra track and make some crazy circuits.

When I go to the hobby shop and see a nice slot car set…the good starter sets are over $200 - $300. So, this is not real expensive in comparison…having to use my iphone/ipad is the only issue…I’m sure in 10 years I wont be able to use this like I could an electric track.

Technology is great but it’s just not long lasting…kind of sucks.