Ann Coulter endorses Hillary

As opposed to McCain.


Any time the “voice of reason” guy on a show says “whoah, that’s the one thing I disagree with you” to Ann Coulter, you know it’s a good time.

Me, I think it’s just Coulter trying to prove she’s a woman. Biologically. I am not fooled.

Uh what? Why would you not consider Ann Coulter a woman?

You’ve noticed the Adam’s apple too?

And I’ve got to hand it to Coulter. She may be hate-filled and stupid, but she is at least unpredictably hate-filled and stupid.

It’s totally hyperbole. I can’t wait to see them try and prop up a 3rd party candidate, though.

Dirt? Is your humor gene completely missing?

Depends on the joke. I love racial jokes. Gender jokes confound me. Probably because I don’t they’re funny.

I dunno. Seems to me that a Clinton run and presidency would be the best possible outcome for her general ilk of conservative outrage punditry. It’s like a nostalgia relaunch of a previously incredibly successful product for their bottom line. Try Clinton Classic. New can, same great hate!

the content of this, even the URL, is entirely NSFW.

Did that site ever get funny? I think I chuckled about the URL once a few years ago, but since then… what has it done for us?

I’m finally convinced Ann Coulter is really a comedic character. I’ve suspected this for a while because the nonsense she was spouting was too absurd for any rational human to believe, but this is the final proof.

There are definitely gender stereotypes going on in this thread.

I dunno Stroker, did you bother reading it? Because I thought it was hysterical. The sequel, not so much.

As one of the resident females, I can say that Coulter deserves everything she gets. She’s poisonous and evil.

As one of the many moderately sane people, I concur.

Also, as a frisbee thrower.

Also, as a non-asshat.

I don’t think she’s the least bit stupid. Hate-filled, maybe.

If she was intelligent, she’d be the far-right version of Stephen Colbert. Instead, she’s more like the far-right version of, well, you.

She may deserve everything she gets, but I’d say that we owe it to ourselves to not fall to the level of, well, Ann Coulter, by indulging in the blatant misogyny that the criticism against her is couched in.