Anne Coulter attacked by pies


Click the “Watch this story” link for the video. I can’t stop giggling! I think her little gasp when she sees the pies coming says volumes. Such as, “Oh my god! They’ve finally caught up with me! The pies!”

That mid-air pie photo rules.

The end of that clip greatly saddened me. What kind of a democracy do we live in where a man can get arrested for throwing pies at a Conservative idealogue? That’s not the kind of democracy I want to leave my children.

I’m totally disgusted …

I saw the title and immediately thought Lesbisans!

What else did you expect?

This is a nanny state. You do anything that might hurt other people, you get arrested and/or sued for it. Those pies could conceivably have caused some small damage that would have required some minor hospital bills (accidental damage to the eyes, of course, being the most serious possibility). That’s entirely consistent with a misdemeanor charge. The fact that they were charged at all for what might in other times have been considered “just a joke” is simply the way this society works, in the same way that guys get charged for sexual harassment instead of people winking and saying “boys will be boys”, and getting involved in a fistfight with someone will have you in on assault and battery charges, and companies that pollute get hit with fines and inspectors instead of people shrugging and saying “That’s the price of progress!”, and jungle gyms are being removed from playgrounds because kids can fall and hurt themselves, and slides are made out of plastic instead of metal, and there has to be guardrails and warning signs at the edges of cliffs because otherwise people might fall off, and signs in supermarket parking lots explaining how the store isn’t responsible if your car’s paint gets scratched by a cart that happens to roll free and bump the side. Modern American society has decided that people are too stupid to be aware of these things on their own and they have to be specifically told, and the corollary to that is that you have to enforce all the rules you make about such situations.

a Conservative idealogue? That’s not the kind of democracy I want to leave my children.

And what the fuck is this? It’s specifically ok to throw pies at conservatives only? “Free speech for me but not for thee”?

Anyway you’ve got it backwards. The conservative view on these matters is that the federal government should stay the hell out and the choice of charging or not or making it a crime or not or whatever should be left to local authorities - as local as possible. It’s the liberals who keep wanting to set up national standards and safeguards and regulations and making sure the government can “help” everyone everywhere. So basically the attitude you’re complaining about is entirely your side’s own doing.

Humor is dead.

Rollory- I’m pretty sure very few Republicans have run on the “pro-assault and battery” message.

When has Ann Colter planned her coming out party? Such bat-shit crazy excess can only reflect some form of masochistic self-denial.

She must have been called a slave in a role playing game.

This would have been a lot better if they hadn’t actually missed with the freaking pies.

Yes! That’s correct! I’m in favor of silencing all opposing views with pies in the face. I’m already in the process of building my pie-throwing robot army. Today, Ann Coulter. Tomorrow… the world!

Bonus points to anyone who can figure out how to introduce ninjas or pirates into this doomsday scenario.

Bake them into the pies. Duh.


What are lesbisans?


Ann Coulter.

Heh, some european humor right in her face (this is some kind of a “tradition” here).

What! Is America’s humor out-sourced too! :D