Anno 117: Pax Romana (MMXXV)

“I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble.”
-Augustus, Roman emperor

My hype is real and immense! I predict plentiful DLCs which I shall toss my denarii at.

Surprised we’re seeing a new Anno so soon. Excited for the change of scenery! No screenshots, but it’ll be pretty, I’m sure. Anno games are always gorgeous.

Ooh, that’s right up my alley! Wonderfull! Now I just have to restart playing 1800 (which I started and liked, but just didn’t stcik with for some reason).

The Roman numbers for the release date was a good touch!

This is an Anno I will play. 1800 didn’t do much for me, setting-wise, but this is right up my alley.

I’m still playing all the older games as well as 1800. Mods have really taken off for 1800 and the dev team put in a Factorio style mod manger on their own accord.
Even Anno 2205 has a cool new mod just released recently that adds Mars and imo makes the game way better. It’s called New Frontiers.

Any suggestions on mods for 1800 to check out?

As a big fan of 2205 (flow based economy for the win!) that sounds pretty intriguing. Thanks for mentioning the mod, I would have never noticed it otherwise.

How long is Ubisoft usually taking these days to end their Ubi store exclusivity(aka put stuff on Steam) for games? Avatar seems to have been ~7 months, is that about the usual now? Anno 1800 took a couple years to get back to Steam.

Seems like they didn’t reveal much on the stream:

As implied by the box art, two starting provinces/biomes to choose from, Latium and Albion.

There’s a lot cool buildings. The mod launcher lets you look through them.