Anno 1800, city-building in the industrial revolution


For me, when you go into the game page from your library the ‘Play’ button will change to ‘Update’ and clicking that will begin the update process (or you can play the old version offline).

I am not sure if Uplay supports automatic updates the way Steam does, but I have never had good luck with that and always need to manually initiate the process myself. You may need to restart the client.


So I guess Anno hasn’t been updated yet?


I just checked the Ubi forums and the Patch Notes post said it was pushed out around 8:00 AM EDT so it should be live. I cannot check the client myself at the moment though.

Hello Annoholics,

Anno 1800 will receive a Patch today - May 15th, at 08:00 AM EDT / 12 PM UTC .
Size : around 850 mb


Yes, it updated in my Steam account this morning.


BAH - I think I’m too tired to play. Darn it!


In the category of why the heck is this hidden, you can in fact tell your ships on trade to leave a certain amount of goods in the warehouse. You have to hold shift when you push accept when selecting a good to load on a trade route. I tested it out, and it works. So if it says -+50, it will only take goods above 50.


Holy crap that is HUGE!!!


Hmmm someone on reddit said this isn’t new and it’s not s reserve :( I hope he’s wrong.


I’m not sure what that guy is saying. From what I have observed, the function is working as a reserve.


He said it is taking items, and then dropping them right off so there’s x stuff left.


After 10 hours, had to bail out of my first game. Only 3 islands had nitre and fat old lady had all of them, along with 60+% of all islands in the game.

Starting a new game with aggressive expansion in mind, buying up all possible construction material on the market and using up everything to use up all excess cash. See how that goes.


Not gonna happen. AI cheats so you can’t deny them of resources.


It’s so I’m guaranteed resources. Put up the trading post to claim the island and simply make sure I’ll be able to build there later. On Normal it seems easy to keep all non-pirates from declaring war on you.


Ahhh. Yes that is what I do too.


How often do people fiddle with working conditions? (50%-150%)

Seems like it’s better to just shut down stuff you don’t need. Maybe to 150% as an emergency if you run out of one thing?


Never. Once in a while I’ll pump cannon production to 150%. Otherwise it makes more sense to shut stuff down financially vs. under produce.


When you have the workforce boat dock, you can actually turn the production rate up on an island without houses and not get the happiness penalty. because happiness only goes by island. You still need the police stations to break up riots though.


Oh god, it’s finally happened.

I am now having dreams about production chains.


I don’t think that guy understands what is happening. I’ve messed around with pushing shift on setting the trade route goods several times, and it is dynamically only taking goods above 50. He doesn’t think shift does anything, which is why I think he doesn’t actually know what people are talking about. I think he’s confused this find with the old stop at the same port twice setup.


Sweet that is great news. Thanks!


Figure out what your starting island lacks, and then try to settle a second island that has stuff you’re missing as soon as possible. You can just leave it with nothing but a harbour for hours, if you want - just plant the flag there. If you wait too long before expanding, Beryl starts expanding like a virus across everything.

I didn’t even touch the New World in my current game until I absolutely needed the resources, because it’s islands tend to get claimed a lot slower than the Old World ones. Then once I was satisfied with my Old World expansion and stabilized supply lines, I exclusively built out the New World for several hours, and expanded there doing the same thing.

Oh, and if you’re bringing in lots of cash - buy out competitor islands. I did a hostile takeover of Beryl’s main production islands,because they had stuff I wanted. I also bought all of the shares in her main island ($4 million each share!), because they give me a steady cash stream of over $69k per minute (I’m currently at around $140k per minute overall).

Anyway, I just got my main island over the 10,000 Investor mark yesterday, and finished my World Fair the day before. Like 90% of my main island is solidly packed with either investor/engineer houses, or factories. Everything else just exists to feed resources to it - either goods, or workers.

Post patch I had an additional 394 Influence to use, so I went buck wild with town halls, zoos, museums, and so on. Literally every Investor/Engineer house on my island is under the influence of a town hall with three epic +12 Happiness books, haha. And I’m up over 3200 attractiveness now, due to having three museums and a massive zoo with a ton of legendaries in them.