Anno 1800, city-building in the industrial revolution

Were they ever going to add a functional pause button? :\

Unfortunately no. The game is slow-paced enough that it doesn’t really bother me but the absence of pause-and-issue is strange in a game that is otherwise so sedate and well-thought-out. It’s also odd because IIRC that feature was present back in Anno 1701.

And come to think of it, that kind of functional pause seems to be getting a bit rarer, which is a bad trend. Northgard needs it too, for example.

Really enjoying this thing, it’s vying for my favorite entry in the series and that’s very high praise indeed! Already grabbed both season passes, considering the time I expect I’ll put into this they’re bargain-priced.

Small question in case anyone knows: in terms of sandbox victory conditions, what consistutes a “monument?” I know the World’s Fair counts, but I wouldn’t want to build 3 of those for a 3 monument victory condition. Does the palace in the new DLC count? Anything else fit the bill?

I’ve been holding out on this because I think I can wait until its price falls lower, but the moment someone comes out with a decent Scythe mod I’ll cave.

Bringing the Industrial Revolution to my agriculture in a way that not only looks cool thematic but which also carries with it tangible gameplay impacts to block design and such? Absolutely sold.

I’ve discovered the undocumented alternative rum production line. It goes like this: build frigates -> sink pirates -> collect rum.

Turns out sugar cane is for suckers.

Looks like Ubi is remastering some of the older games.

I’m really not sure 1404 and 1701 need remasters, they both still look good to me, but I’m happy to see what they come up with. They’re both great games. I missed the first two entirely, but surely the gameplay is a little less… substantial?

I never played 1602 nor 1503 , so I’ll gladly give them a go, once the collection is on deep sale.

I’d like to know more about what they’re doing because the GOG versions already made it work fine on nearly every resolution.

1404 is still a great game to this day. It does have an annoying unresolved memory leak bug though. The remaster will be worth it to me if they fix that.

I am so much shallow so I think a remaster would make me want to try these games more since they would look better. I hate to admit it but in some of these really old games the graphics are offputting.

I don’t think there’s anything about 1404 that looks outdated today, is there? It’s from recently enough that you can crank the resolution and all the graphics settings and it looks spectacular. Maybe the tiny characters are simpler models?

To be honest I have to look because I can’t keep all these different versions apart in my head

1404 looks really good still, and 1701 looks okayish. Honestly, 1701 is the one that might benefit the most from a little graphics texture sharpening; its the one in the series that’s right on the cusp of looking dated, but could really pop a bit with some love.

I love how much brighter 1701 is than the later games, a touch up wouldn’t hurt but I hope they leave the palette unchanged.

I want them to go back and redo the color scheme in 2070. I’ve heard that some languages don’t have separate words for “blue” and “green”, and after playing that game for a while everything I looked at just turned into bleeeeen

I always wanted to get into 1404, this might be my time!

EDIT: Looking at images of 1404 vs. 1404 Historical Edition, I think the differences are going to largely be modern tech like better AA, AF, shadows and lighting, that sort of thing.

Is there a side by side? Do we even know if they’re going to update graphics?