Anno 1800, city-building in the industrial revolution

1404 is still a great game to this day. It does have an annoying unresolved memory leak bug though. The remaster will be worth it to me if they fix that.

I am so much shallow so I think a remaster would make me want to try these games more since they would look better. I hate to admit it but in some of these really old games the graphics are offputting.

I don’t think there’s anything about 1404 that looks outdated today, is there? It’s from recently enough that you can crank the resolution and all the graphics settings and it looks spectacular. Maybe the tiny characters are simpler models?

To be honest I have to look because I can’t keep all these different versions apart in my head

1404 looks really good still, and 1701 looks okayish. Honestly, 1701 is the one that might benefit the most from a little graphics texture sharpening; its the one in the series that’s right on the cusp of looking dated, but could really pop a bit with some love.

I love how much brighter 1701 is than the later games, a touch up wouldn’t hurt but I hope they leave the palette unchanged.

I want them to go back and redo the color scheme in 2070. I’ve heard that some languages don’t have separate words for “blue” and “green”, and after playing that game for a while everything I looked at just turned into bleeeeen

I always wanted to get into 1404, this might be my time!

EDIT: Looking at images of 1404 vs. 1404 Historical Edition, I think the differences are going to largely be modern tech like better AA, AF, shadows and lighting, that sort of thing.

Is there a side by side? Do we even know if they’re going to update graphics?

The description only talks about updated resolutions which, as noted above, the GOG versions already do. At present I’m a little unclear what this is really going to amount to.

Oh! I wouldn’t mind replaying a spruced-up 1701!

Yeah, the more I look at it, the more it looks like a way to bundle games in this series together to sell to people who lost their CDs years ago.

Or maybe they still have their CDs, but no longer have any CD drive in which to read them :P

…and who didn’t already rebuy them on GOG. Personally I’ve still got my CD’s and I’ve got GOG copies, but I’ll freely admit to being something of an Anno fanboy (outside of 2205, anyway).

I picked up Anno 1800 a few days ago and just got started on the campaign. While I’ve played a few Anno games before I’ve never beaten them in the sense of climbing all the citizen levels and trying out all the different buildings. So I’ve decided to see if the extra guidance from the campaign helps.

Anyways, I received the notice that Bright Harvest had been added, along with a quest to add silos to my pastures and pens. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar enough with the production rates yet to see how much of an effect silos have.

They’ve solved a lot of my little problems with the previous games. Drag-and-drop fields and the ability to settle the whole island from the get go make it easier to plan out scenic also like that the maps seem to have fewer islands, even if there are more maps to juggle.

A gazillion details about the Anno History Collection have been posted in the last couple of weeks.
Here’s a link to a dev blog about the new Anno 1404. Similar articles on the older titles are nearby.

If you can read German you might prefer the summary at the Gamestar site.

OK I’m finally playing this again and trying out the new Palace stuff. OMG this is sooooo cool! Especially with the satellite palace option. Having an island specific to crops and another for factory stuff… it’s amazing.

I missed this last week. So how is it? Tell me more! Now that I’ve tidied up my run at X4 (as much as one can “tidy” anything in an X game) I’ll probably pick up season 2 pass and give this a go.

Pic up Season 2 ASAP! You don’t want to play without it anymore. So for the Palace as your primary Palatial Residence island becomes beautified and cultured you get more and more options to choose for the massive area of effect it has. Things like +1 Influence, an extra slot in Town Halls, Harbors, and Trade Unions. There’s 5 or 6 options for each of the categories. Then you can build a satellite Palace on each island which also gets to choose one of the effects. Then you have Bright Harvest which is great because you can finally produce incredible amounts of farm stuff to feed a massive population. You just have to hook them up to the railroad and add a fuel station. You can also bring wheat or corn into livestock yards making them incredibly productive with silos. Both of these increase production by 200-300%.

And then I just can’t wait for Land of the Lions. I’m sure it’s going to add a new island area, African in nature, to the game. I hope it’s going got expand the botanical, zoo, and museum collections we have and some neat new storyline. I love this!

There’s also a bunch of new people you can get which have amazing stats. Loving the Expeditions with these people.

Nice, thanks!

How many games did you play with the new stuff? Did you include the Arctic and/or Trelawney? (Seems like Crown Falls would be the natural place for a palace?)