Anno 1800, city-building in the industrial revolution


Yeah I was considering having population and as many farms as possible all on one island than putting the heavy polluting industry on another, but that doesn’t really seem practical. The increased shipping logistics would be a headache, and you still need polluting power plants on each island.

What’s a bummer is that it doesn’t give you any numbers on how the environment rating is impacting anything. HOW penalized are my farms and population? It’s hard to factor in when it’s worth it to reduce it. And speaking of numbers that should be available in game, why do I still have to consult wikis for supply chain ratios five sequels into the franchise? Come on, guys!


It’s not too late!


Anno’s 20th “Annoversary”!


I see the pattern. All the numbers in the title add up to 9, for every title.



Shouldn’t they have been emphasizing more their 18th anniversary or their 27th anniversary then instead of 20?

2+0 doesn’t equal 9 lol ;)


Some naval combat / city defense gameplay:

Video on city ornaments:


Sweet! But I do hope combat is mostly optional in sandbox mode if you choose that, in the way it was in 2070.


As I recall, they removed ground combat but the naval combat is all back to being on the main map. Seems like they usually give decent options even if you play with AI opponents to make them less aggressive.


Closed Beta starts Jan 31st.



The release date of Anno 1800 will now be April 16, 2019.


I know they are pushing this out but hey, i might have finished a game or two by then!


Ugh, on the one hand, I realistically have more than enough games to play without this. On the other hand, I wanted Anno 1800 in a month. :(

I wonder what really caused the release issues. I hope that this is not indicative of real problems with the game that will not be resolved by April.


It’s possible, but seems unlikely. Blue Byte knows how to build these games by now. 2250 was different enough that I could see it getting stuck in some development hell, but 1800 (from what I understand) is enough back to basics that I would be surprised if it’s much more than “These couple of production tasks took us longer than we thought they would.” Which is everything in game development.


Damn. Crackdown 3 had better be good.

Also, I’m now tempted to maybe pick up Rise of Industry while it’s still in EA.


How have I never played an Anno game? The series is pretty popular in its native land and as someone who has always enjoyed the building and management aspects of Civilization much more than the combat I should have gravitated to something like Anno. It’s probably because when I actually had enough time for strategy games, the series took on futurstic settings which just do not appeal to me.

But I am so getting this latest entry. Is the consensus still that 1404 is the highpoint of the series so far? Because I will definitely need something to bridge the gap until April and acquainting myself with the mechanics can’t hurt.


1404 is easily my favorite, and I think a great place to get into Anno.


Yeah, 1404 (Dawn of Discovery) is inexpensive but still looks fantastic and has the best iteration of the core systems. Get it!


Thanks guys, I’ll pick up 1404 as soon as my new laptop arrives.


1404 is also going to be the closest in style and feel to what 1800 will be.


Dawn of Discovery is fun.