Anno 1800, city-building in the industrial revolution


Yeah a few quests in some big battle ship spawned next to my little ship an sank it. Since I had no idea it was a combat quest… it’s a problem.

I like Dawn’s way of doing it way better. Tell everyone there is this quest and what it is, first one to complete it gets it. No second guessing what the mission is.


Oooh, they brought MP back with this one? I must have forgotten that, or didn’t realize it. Now I’m looking forward to it even more!


Totally. And it functioned just fine in the betas. Private games, being able to start without the harbor built and just racing to the islands, AI in private games. We went out of sync once, it popped up a window and then did some sort of resyncing. We played a few times, for hours, and the desync only happened once.


Me too, favourably with such a map!


Fire, Illness, and Riots are the 3 bad incidents that can happen in Anno 1800


Man I wish this was available right now.


Someone translate plz!

Anyway just watch the videos , shows off some of the higher class buildings. :)


Pretty good auto-translate, IMHO:

From the article I have deduced Writing Bull is a Youtuber.

I like this part of the translation:

Also, the article says Open Beta April 12-14!


Is that only for those that pre-purchase? If so, do you have to pre-purchase through UBI store?


According to The Anno Union:

Announcing the Anno 1800 Open Beta
With all that said, we want to leave you all with a special treat to show our appreciation- the Anno 1800 Open Beta, coming April 12th-14th. So what does Open Beta mean? Just what it says on the cover- it will be open to anyone interested in testing the game prior to launch! No need to sign up, no need to cross your fingers to receive a key- just download the Open Beta client, and start playing once it goes live on the 12th.


Wow. That is pretty generous.


It certainly doesn’t detract from my hopeful guess that Ubi knows they’ve got something pretty special in Anno 1800…


From the 2 tests I’ve been a part of its really great, possibly my GOTY. :)


Ohhhhh - you have me way too excited!




Again, be wary of me reading my own hopeful and biased interpretation of it into this, but you can almost sense the eagerness of the developers – and by extension then, the publisher – to get people to play this game.

Dare I say it, their approach feels almost CDPR-ish with regards to this game.


That’s awesome :)


I mean, if I gave you a riddle that a publisher would make their late-stage beta of their upcoming AAA game free and open to play for a weekend two months before launch…and then they’d repeat that and do it again in the three days leading up to launch…and that they’d be letting streamers play and upload footage of the game in its current state even just a few weeks before that launch…

…how many publishers would you have to name before you got around to UBI?


Who would I name period? LOL.


Yep, Ubi is killing it this year with the quality of their releases.