Anno 1800, city-building in the industrial revolution


DLC 1: Sunken Treasures

Expand your island with a new European session and large continental island, as you join an eccentric inventor and his diving bell on a treasure hunt.

DLC 2: Botanica

Grow your city’s attractiveness to new heights with a modular Botanical Garden, allowing you to earn new items and rewards as you draw the tourist masses to your floral masterpiece. Alternatively, construct the new Musical Pavilion and enjoy beloved tracks from previous Anno games inside your city.

DLC 3: The Passage

The Passage will take you on a new adventure to the Arctic Circle as you explore the legendary Northwest Passage. To succeed in this merciless climate, you will need to construct an arctic outpost and master all-new production chains and goods.

Sunken Treasures and The Passage sound absolutely superb. Hope the execution matches the summary.

Also, yes please to the Anarchist!


So, who is the Anarchist, exactly?

“A self-proclaimed anarchist, Dr. Mercier has created a radical new society free of the state. Formerly champion of a union of student dentists, Mercier was asked by the Queen to use his popular appeal to pacify increasing threats of revolution in her territories. Instead Mercier sided with the protesters, declaring the people’s complete independence from crown authority.”

In game terms, the Anarchist is a new NPC opponent you can select to play against, including his own unique set of quests and rewards for the player to tackle. And while we don’t want to spoil too much, we can safely say that he will bring a very flavorful and unique playstyle to the game, with his own set of behavioral rules that mirror his views on politics and society.

Consider yourselves warned…


How much will that slow down the game’s speed do you think?


Not at all. It’s no shooter. I couldn’t tell the difference.


I didn’t know if Denuvo would have a hairy fit with it :p


Not sure why the game didn’t pre-load for me, but am installing now since I currently reside in “Australia” LOL. Using NordVPN since it seems cheapest I need a permanent VPN when in hospital for streaming and access to most of Youtube (cut out by hospital firewall).


Watch out for the spiders and crocodiles.


Sadly, it won’t work if you get the game on Steam. Seems that Valve is having none of this “yoo-hoo, I’m in Australia” nonsense. :(



I think it goes live at midnight eastern tonight? I don’t ever bother getting Ubi games anywhere other than Uplay these days. (usually with a code from GMG like I did for this).

Played just a little bit of the intro so far, but I like the look of the new Anno.


Release times for the impatient!

I also found that my uplay key is now available on Humble, if anyone else has been waiting for it for preloading.


Thanks for mentioning that!


Gah, think I am gonna cancel my Steam order and just get it on Humble, I want to play NOW.

I mean I gotta use Uplay anyway…


I feel like the most patient person in the room.


Playing now - thank you - lovely Australian continent being a convenient day ahead!

Soooo, do I need to make a road going up to a sheep farm?
Answer = yep

Also, not getting credit for my open beta play :(


The wait is brutal! :(


I am so patient, I’m waiting until tomorrow.


Is the bonus technically even available yet?


The chess table park thingy is in Anno 1800’s ‘Club Rewards’. I believe you have to clicky it.


For everyone:

Go here, spend points to get emblems, statues, and portraits for the game, if you like, and/or redeem the fact you played in the open beta for stuff.


Hey @Scott_Lufkin, I though you were holding out with me on getting this! :-)