Anno 1800, city-building in the industrial revolution


Since 1701 thru 2205 , I easily have 1000+ hours spent playing and at least 2 minor leg blood clots associated with the series.


So I dabbled in 2270 in the past but never played the others. So far I am enjoying 1800 a lot even though I don’t know what I’m really doing yet. I have random questions for veterans:

  1. The first clay pit was way far away from where I built up my initial city by the water. Should I spread out early? Is it best to create remote sections of city for things like this since all warehouses are connected? Like the clay pit, brick place, a warehouse, a market and some housing? Trying to determine the optimum strategy of spacing and placement.
  2. Is there a way to designate where goods go after produced or are they automatically taken to the closest warehouse? It’s not obvious to me how this gets distributed between needs of people vs storage vs quest goals. For example there’s an early quest objective to have 4 schnapps in storage. I saw them being produced and the wagon taking it away but then it just sort of vanished. Took quite awhile until storage started building up so was confused where they were going.
  3. Any other newb tips would be appreciated.

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This is the best way I’ve found. Also housing doesn’t need to be near any businesses. So make an attractive city area, factory area, farm area, ect.

Closest warehouse, and the supply is island wide , so 9 warehouses on an island all have the same resources.

Best tip is to have fun, and play the campaign. I’ve enjoyed all the campaigns, even the more combat heavy Anno 1701.


Someone isn’t taking breaks when it tells you to.


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Yeah, like that Pip guy in that old book, I had a benefactor! :)


Awesome! I hope you have a lot of fun Scott.


You know what you have to do @robc04



I am 15 minutes into that video and I want to buy it again, lol.

I hope they never add land combat back, it was not fun in the earlier games. :P


Is this going to eventually come back to Steam? Or is it permanently off the store from tomorrow onward?


Ugh , Steam version didn’t unlock at midnight.


Yeah, Ubisoft’s launch page even says it’s not out until tomorrow morning. I don’t know who’s giving a great big “fuck you” to whom – Ubisoft to Steam, Steam to Ubisoft, Ubisoft to customers with the temerity to buy on Steam? – but one is being given!



My copy on Steam is unpacking. Hoping that means I can play some tonight.

It unlocked! One of the only benefits of working a night shift.


For someone that hasn’t been following the Epic Store stuff at all, am I better off getting this on the UBI store or the Epic Store, or does Epic Store just get me a key for UBI Store?


so ah… DX11 or DX12?


Older CPU and newer GPU -> DX12.
DX12 will be fastest in most cases I suppose. DX11 is much more CPU heavy.


Hmm my chess table is locked for some reason even though I’ve started the full game.


Meanwhile I’m not getting any credit for having played 2205.