Anno 1800, city-building in the industrial revolution


I am 15 minutes into that video and I want to buy it again, lol.

I hope they never add land combat back, it was not fun in the earlier games. :P


Is this going to eventually come back to Steam? Or is it permanently off the store from tomorrow onward?


Ugh , Steam version didn’t unlock at midnight.


Yeah, Ubisoft’s launch page even says it’s not out until tomorrow morning. I don’t know who’s giving a great big “fuck you” to whom – Ubisoft to Steam, Steam to Ubisoft, Ubisoft to customers with the temerity to buy on Steam? – but one is being given!



My copy on Steam is unpacking. Hoping that means I can play some tonight.

It unlocked! One of the only benefits of working a night shift.


For someone that hasn’t been following the Epic Store stuff at all, am I better off getting this on the UBI store or the Epic Store, or does Epic Store just get me a key for UBI Store?


so ah… DX11 or DX12?


Older CPU and newer GPU -> DX12.
DX12 will be fastest in most cases I suppose. DX11 is much more CPU heavy.


Hmm my chess table is locked for some reason even though I’ve started the full game.


Meanwhile I’m not getting any credit for having played 2205.


It is still for sale on STEAM, I am guessing until 11am PT / 1pm ET , due to Valve Time.


Damn kick ass release / accolades trailer!


How hard is this on the CPU? I appear to just scrape by with the “recommended” settings for everything else. I guess I should have grabbed the open beta just to see if it would run. Ah well.


Game is having issues with Steam apparently, causing severe stutter when scrolling the map.

What they suggested in that thread worked for me.

Start Steam offline.
Launch game via Uplay.
It checks Steam , then launches the game.
Stutter issue is gone.

Also I have a feeling a year from now this will be back on Steam, I am even getting trading card drops now.


It’s a cpu heavy game (german website), but DX12 helps a lot and there are sliders for object-/building-/shadow-quality and draw distance that should help as well.

BTW running the game in fullscreen mode seems to be mandatory for best results.


I’m still on Win 7 for now, so I take that to mean I wouldn’t be able to run it very well. That’s OK, I’ll just pick it up after my next hardware upgrade.


So out of curiosity, for these games that insist on having two stupid company portals open (like Steam, which then of course requires UPlay), does it make the games run slower? I’m not sure I love this brave new world of needing multiple front-ends open just to play a stupid game.


No more than leaving Steam client running in the background for other games. I have Steam running 100% of the time my PC is on for chatting with folks, so it’s no different running it from Steam to uPlay or playing MtG Arena while the Steam client is running. The store fronts take almost 0 resources to keep running in the background.


DX12 is noticeably faster in Anno 1800 than DX11 on older systems, 10fps performance improvement